Zarathustra Awakening

It's not that this piece comes from a mystery school, per se, it's that people all over the world who have the ability to heed its advice choose not to. Personally, I try to take all divine advice that I can gather.  I am a true spiritualist at heart and again, personally, I believe that whether you claim to be a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jew, whatever, it's all good.  The life force will treat you well as long as you hold true to your faith to be the best person you can be.  In today's society people make spiritual beliefs about aggression and hate. It shouldn't be that way.  It's counter productive to the Asa, which is the power that this piece instills in its lucky owner.  

The ancient spiritualist Zarathustra teaches us that we have two choices-- that we can two paths in life.  One of them is the Asa-- the Divine Order.  The other is shun druj, or ignorance and chaos.  Ignorance and chaos obviously gets you nowhere, he teaches us.  However accepting the Asa is to be initiated into the Divine Order.  Thinking good thoughts, using constructive words, and doing good deeds are to accept the Asa-- basically keeping yourself spiritually cleansed and out of the way of evil and darkness.  

The goal of being initiated into the Asa is to one day become like God-- to see all that he sees, to know all that he knows, to be able to hold all the powers that he holds.  It is the ultimate goal of those who join the Asa to gain the enlightenment of the Divine Order-- to become spiritually perfect to be able to elevate your existence into the realms of Heaven, where you will be transformed into a mortal God or the human realm.  It can take years and years of practice, meditation, etc.  In fact, some never see the full Enlightenment of the Divine Order during this lifetime.  Some must wait for spiritual transmutation from life into death to begin seeing any of these powers at all.  It's not that they died with their beliefs in vain, because they will still go to Heaven, where they've been creating an eternal afterlife of white light and pious perfection.  However, how much easier would life had been to become spiritually perfect while still on Earth?  This is what I'm offering.  

The piece comes from a group of spiritualist that I have established a connection with.  They have formed a brotherhood and stronghold in Greece, where they are considered modern-day hippies of sorts-- you know without the drugs and living in tents.  Their power comes from true enlightenment and they live in totally white light, spiritual transformation, and esoteric perfection.  

The powers in this item are a direct divination from the the life force of the Asa.  Using this piece you will accept the Asa.  Once you have done this, the powers in this piece are going to catapult your mind, body, and soul into a state of spiritual bliss and perfection.  You will be given a Divine awakening during which you will attain the Enlightenment of the Divine Order.  This will render you a mortal God in the human realm.  It will give you all the powers and abilities of whatever God you believe in.  You will be able to know all of their noble truths and divine wisdom.  You will be given the ability to practice their magic and have full range of their powers and abilities.  Of course, the power doesn't stop in the mortal realm, as it will carry over with you into the realm of the afterlife, where you will already be a step ahead of the game, because the powers you are going to gain during mortality are going to be so immense.  If you've ever known that the truth was eluding you and you want to live above the mortal influence, to become a living God, then this is definitely the piece for you. 


Zarathustra Awakening
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