The drug scopolamine is derived from the flowers of the borrachero tree and can be inhaled, smoked, or injected. The crystalline powder is so highly effective that even just a whiff of a napkin that's contaminated with scopolamine can be enough to immediately eradicate a person's free will.

The tropane alkaloin scopolamine acts on the human body within seconds... the substance penetrates the blood-brain barrier and then manipulates specific areas of the nervous system. This leads to itching and dry mouth. But above all, the most profound change is  the affected person's will gets "swtiched off."

Just one 50mg dose of scopolamine can shut down the respiratory center in the medulla oblongata, causing a fatal oxygen deficiency.

Scopoplamine inhibits a number of physiological processes in the brain. For example, it can paralyze the region of the brain that controls vomiting, thereby suppressing feelings of nausea.

Even in small doses scopolamine can inhibit the memory center and erase memories.

Within merely a few minutes scopolamine dries out the mucous membrances of the mouth and nasal passages and increases the urge to urinate.

As quick as a flash the person is totally drugged --- within a minute you will see the effects kick in and then they are taken over and are childlike --- this is a very scary interaction that is starting to happen all over the world.

Drug dealers push this substance and you could simply have a drink somewhere and instantly be encompassed with the lethal affects of this extreme drug!!

We wanted to take a step back and try to bring awareness as well as constitute a barrier to give protection from this happeneing to you!

This piece was designed to be placed on your finger -- and after wearing it there for 20 minutes you will place a barrier up that will protect you from the possibility of this attack-- people never realize how much they have until their freedom and right of passage is taken away. Do not let someone take away your freedom and abilities -- as this allure is becoming globally more present --- so prepare now!

Wear for 20 minutes each day, either and night you can wear it to sleep in and forget about it and be ready for the next day -- or you can wear it while you are getting ready in the morning, an then take if off as you head out the door~!

Barrier and protect your most prized possession, your body, mind and spirit!!

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