Not even angels are granted indemnity from God's wrath.  In ancient times, the tumult caused by Satan in Heaven, God made an archangel to be responsible for the powers of transmogrification.  In today's terms, you would most frequently see this being called shape-shifting.  Well before werewolves and other werebeasts rose to notoriety, God gave his archangels the ability to take the form of white wolves.  These wolves were also called Heaven hounds.  When fighting evil on Earth, or in Heaven, angels preferred to take this form.  Not only was it intimidating but in increase their speed, strength and power.  The angel that he created to guard this power was called Zadkiel, which means the Righteousness of God.  
Zadkiel spent an immeasurable amount of time in Heaven, among the ranks of the most powerful Archangels.  That was until he fell in love with a mortal woman.  Since cross-breeding with humans was prohibited on most grounds and God did not give angels free will, Zadkiel became a fallen angel.  He gained mortality and sought out the woman that he loved so that way he could be married to her.  You won't find accounts of this in any history books, for reasons I will tell you later. Unfortunately, God had other plans.  As punishment for disobeying the law, the life of the mortal woman Zadkiel had fallen in love with was taken.  God turned her into a pillar of salt, which he then placed the entity of Zadkiel into.  He place the pillar of salt in an urn and kept it there.  
Years later, but still well before Jesus came to reign on Earth, the Pharisees found this urn.  They recognized the presence of Zadkiel and used his presence as a form of protection against evil predators such a demons, vampires, werewolves, and other types of dark beings.  During his stay with the Pharisees, Zadkiel was still able to use his ability to shape-shift and he would turn into this beast and protect the Jews, God's chosen people, from all evil and negative entities.  He was attempting to seek retribution, to gain favor with God once more, so that way he could return to Heaven.   The urn was eventually confiscated by the Catholic Church and hidden away in a secret confines in the Vatican's underground vault.  The story of Zadkiel coming to Earth was deleted from history, as they wanted to keep this angel for themselves.
An operative that we have working at the Vatican made this piece on our behalf.  In doing so, he used a transference power to suck the presence of the angel Zadkiel out of the urn and into this piece.  When you wear this piece, Zadkiel will come to you in two forms.  First he will come to you in his full angelic form.  This will allow you experience what the presence of an angel feels and looks like.  Then, he will appear to you in his heaven hound form.  Either form he takes, he will protect you the same way he has protected the people of God for all these years.  He will be your personal guardian angel, protecting you from all evil and all negativity.  He will also share his power of transmogrification with you, allowing you to shape-shift into a white wolf.  The last thing he will do for you is give you the secrets to white light sorcery.  With this you can make your own array of white light powers that suit your needs.   
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