Witches Butter

Witches Butter A master Occultist gives to the witches of Sweden cats which are called carriers, because they are sent by their mistresses to steal in the neighborhood. The greedy animals on such occasions cannot forbear to satisfy their own appetites. Sometimes they eat to repletion and are obliged to disgorge their stolen meal. Their vomit is of a yellow color and is called witches butter. This may sound disgusting, but it is a phenomenal beauty aide. When the witches butter is obtained it is cleaned and regimented so it is smooth and will not smell. It has a nice scent once it is relinquished with the cleansing and the effects are AMAZING!! You will receive a vial of this substance that will help make your skin radiate with grand appeal. This will help you with rough, dry patches; wrinkles; crows feet; sagging and the elemental factors that harm your skin. We wanted to be honest with where the substance originates, but please do not let this scare, or appall, you --- as this is a phenomenal beauty aide and you use odd things daily without knowing, as many shampoos and hair care products have animal placenta in them... it just of course is not noted. We like to give you as much information as possible, and that is why we shared the outlet for this appealing product. A small dab on your finger will go a long way --- this is a substance you will come to love and use daily --- we also can do a monthly shipment if you so desire -- to set up auto delivery, email Jason for details. (jasonfromhauntedcuriosities@gmail.com)
Witches Butter
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