Wealth Stabber: Eye of Horus

First things first about these items.  They have all been designed to bring wealth.  It is the first thing that each of these items knew how to do.  The items themselves are power stabbers.  As such, when you use these items you will be stabbing them into the ground.  This will immediately bring you wealth in the most direct forms, because they are designed to cut through the astral realms and open up an immediate portal.  This is because these pieces are custom designed and the powers that you get with your stabber is fresh, because they were just recently made.  I'm talking about wealth in numbers-- whether it comes from winning the lottery, winning a lawsuit, turning your gambling money into a fortune, or receiving an inheritance.  I don't know your personal business and I don't need to.  The wealth powers in each have been designed to know you and your circumstances.  They will read your soul and then bring you wealth appropriately, that way you don't have to go out of your way to make these powers work.  For instance, if you don't normally play the lottery, then don't play the lottery.  I'm not saying it wouldn't be an excellent idea.  However, this piece will build the wealth around your lifestyle, not the other way around. 
Each of these pieces has also been given a designated second power.  I'm not calling this a second power because it is any less in magnitude than the first.  I call it a second power only because they all do wealth, so it makes sense that wealth would be the first power, get it?  We made these pieces in conjunction with the immortal sorcerer that most of you will know as Immortality33.  He has his website and we cross-advertise for him from time to time.  We also work together on certain items, because he is a very powerful entity.  These pieces boast a magic that is the best of both worlds-- his and ours.  
There are general instructions for the piece you are going to get.  First of all, it is pictured in the listing.  Second of all, you have to wait until the night of a full moon to do this.  Make sure it is an actual full moon.  DO NOT just look up at the sky and perceive the moon to be full.  Check online, check a calendar, whatever.  Just make sure that the moon is legitimately full before proceeding.  Then what you want to do is carve a circle in the ground.  You don't have to go haywire like you're digging a grave.  That's not the point.  You can simply just poke the knife into the ground to make one complete circle in it.  If you want to go deeper you can, but it isn't going to bring you any more power.  Logically, not going as deep doesn't diminish any of the power either.  Any other specific instructions will be given with each specific piece, as there are four of these stabbers.  They will each be listed separately. 
Aside from the astounding amount of wealth this stabber is going to bring you, this piece also resurrects what we call the Eye of Horus.  Horus is one of the most exonerated gods in all of Egyptian history.  He has been worshipped in many forms from pre-dynastic periods til Greco-Roman times.  Some cults, but only the smart ones, still honor worship in their rituals.  He is the chief deity of knowledge of power in relationship to Egyptian magic.  The capstone of the Crystal Pyramid is guarded by the god, Horus.  This is because inside the capstone of the Crystal Pyramid is a holographic record of all Egyptian Time.  This record sees all things and knows all things.  and knows all things that shall come to pass.  It releases the coming of times to those who still practice Egyptian magic.  To see through the Eye of Horus is to know all aspects of Egyptian magic.  This makes a person omnipotent and incapable of ever being defeated.  This is because when you see through the Eye of Horus, you will be able to it all, experience it all, and live it all.  You will literally be able to gain the knowledge of any power ever created.  With this stabber, you simply wait until the full moon rises and stab both of the stabbers that you get with this listing into the ground, inside of the circle you have already created.  Call out what power it is that you are requesting.  In the coming days, you will be sent an entity who will show itself to you.  This entity will take you by the hand and lead you through the astral realms, into the hall of records.  It is you opportunity to see through the Eye of Horus to get a first hand account of the amazing power that the Egyptians have to offer.  More specifically, you will be able to access the power that you have created.  It will merge with your DNA and be yours for the taking, only after it is show to you through the eye.  The abundant power with this stabber is something only few will ever experience, so if it something you want, don't play around.  I don't know how long it will be before we sell it.    
Wealth Stabber: Eye of Horus
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