It was the year 1920 and a young doctor had moved to Fort Kent with his wife in good faith.  It was the time of war and his mission was to help those in need.  Little did he know that an ancient spirit was lurking within the land.  He soon became overwhelmed with cases of people who would come to him with mysterious cases of illness and disease

At first, the doctor believe the illness had originated from rats, much like the Bubonic Plague.  However, a nearby Indian tribe warned the small town of settlers that an angry spirit was lurking in the woods nearby.  His name?  Wendigo.  Most people pushed this aside as a silly superstition; but I bet they wish they hadn't.  Not much time passed before the doctor's own wife became ill and died.  Soon after the doctor himself became infected, but he took the illness to new extremities.  Not only did the doctor become ill, but he went completely mad.  In a crazed frenzy he murdered 11 people, feasting from the flesh of their corpses.  When he was discovered, he took off into the woods never to be seen again. 

The spirit that is called the Wendigo is one that the Algonquin peoples have feared for years.  It is a dark spirit that roams the woods between United States of America.  He roams the woods looking for wary or lost travelers-- or in days of old, quaint villages. If you come across a Wendigo and you look him in the eye, it is said that he will possess your soul.  He will drive you mad cause you to gain an uncontrollable appetite for human flesh.  Although people think that Wendigo refers to one spirit, it is actually a classification of spirits that vary in strength and ability.  The Wendigo of Fort Kent was probably one of the strongest Wendigo forms that I ever came across.  Some of them aren't as strong and cause more of a general nuisance than anything else, such as the one that we found in Saint Clair, PA. 

When I was younger, I had this roommate.  His name was Anthony.  Anthony had a girlfriend from Saint Clair, her name was Lisa.  I hadn't seen Lisa for years, as Anthony and I haven't lived together or spoken for years.  Hey, things happen.  One day last year I got a frantic call from Lisa explaining to me that there was something going on in her house that she couldn't explain.  Her animals were going nuts.  Something was spooking her children at night and there was even a case of somebody-- or better yet-- something throwing rocks in her window.  The last straw for Lisa was when she caught a glimpse of a being that took the form of her oldest child, who was about 7 at the time. The form called for her and led her into the woods on the fringe of her property.  Lisa chased it, to no avail.  She turned around to return to her home when a very loud voice thundered, in a voice that she said was plain as day, "GET OUT!" 

After a very impromptu investigation, Deedee and I were able to find the root cause of her problems.  It was indeed an centuries old Wendigo spirit who haunted the area of Saint Clair pretty regularly.  I'm surprised, in fact, that we hadn't heard about it til then.  Then again, the people in Saint Clair are used to some weird crap going on, because it's a small mining town virtually in the middle of nowhere.  Either way, we were able to taunt the spirit just enough to get it to appear to us.  When it did, we trapped it in this piece, binding it with a spell.  Now, whomever holds this piece is in full control of the Wendigo.  The way we cast the spell was that it must do what the owner says.  This is a very handy piece to get back at those who have done wrong to you.  You can cast this Wendigo upon other people.  Obviously this is a very mild Wendigo spirit and will NOT kill or injure.  Rather, you can use this Wendigo to haunt people with whom you have unsettled scores.  Again, it will not injure the person, but it will scare the hell out of them.  You know what they say-- don't get mad, get even!  So... why not?  This piece is the perfect fit!

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