Voodoo Vertebrae,Marked for Life

Voodoo Vertebrae,Marked for Life
This is a very simple and easy to use piece. Each separate section is made of wood and represents the vertebrae of a venomous snake. This item is not evil but it is dual. How you use it is YOU not I will make a mark either by knife or marker on each wood piece. Each marking will become an indelible mark on the necklace. This when worn will be as if you speak it and it is done!
This Voodoo piece has been buried inside Saint Louis number 2 for 30 days and then inside Saint Louie number 1 for 6,the number of man. The reason for this is to connect all the magic that is between the living and the dead,voodoo style. This piece was also made by a very educated lady of the Loa. She has direct communication with all of them and is considered a child of all Loa. She was instructed on how to make this and here you have it. 
I can think of no better way to create what you want then being directly instructed by the otherside.
What you place on the necklace doesn't have to be done all at once. You can make a heart for love or a money sign for wealth. You can add a minus for death and a plus for extended life. What you add doesn't matter,all that matters is that you know what the symbol means. I know that with mine I have a minus sign in case I want to undo anything I did. In life we can often change our minds so it is a great thing to have. Plus I have my personal shield in mine as well so that is like having a serious firewall!
This is a true occult piece that is easy to use and you get exactly what you want too.
I only have one because so many people I know wanted them that this is all I have left.
Voodoo Vertebrae,Marked for Life
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