Vanora was a witch that held so much power it was hard for her to contain until she learned how. She learned to fully control everything by the time she was 18 and was good at using it all. Mostly she used the abilities for good but like any human there were times when a dual nature had to take over. She lived until her 80's and then passed this on to me in her spiritual form.<br /><br />

Giving something to someone when your already dead holds some of the most powerful abilities ever. Whatever the piece itself holds is now been 7 times the power it held to begin with. This is because it was between the two worlds. Power and ability we can only dream of is now wrapped around the piece. These are very rare. Here is a list of the power that this sterling silver ring holds.<br /><br />


Teleportation of objects and spirits<br /><br />

Aura manipulation to heal<br /><br />

Molecular manipulation for aging<br /><br />

Luck Throwing or tossing,this is for all kinds of things from gambling to lotto<br /><br />

The constant attunment of the 7 chakra's,yours and others if you chose<br /><br />

Augmentation of nature,this is amazing for the pot smoker!<br /><br />

Orgasmickinesis,the ability to cause or have orgasms whenever and where ever. This ability is like wave rolling they do not stop until you want them to.<br /><br />

Moneygrification which is the ability to grow wealth using your mind<br /><br />

 All spells done using fire and sex.  You call out what you want,the ring does the rest. If you want love you would call out love and the persons name.  Basically this is the same as the 161 but with all the above added and then it being magnified 7 times!<br /><br />

Eye Light,this is the ability to see anywhere you need to even in distance as if you astral traveled. This is one I have to use all the time when doing certain investigations.<br /><br />

The terms used here are the same ones that Vanora used and she trained me on themn herself. I have tested them and I love them all.






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