Forget what you ever thought you knew about Egyptian culture, specifically the structure known as the Sphinx.  The Sphinx has been a long contested structure.  Some people say that it was built in 2500 BC.  Others say that it was built in 5000 BC.  Yet others put a date of 9000 BC on it.  All in all, I don't really think that it matters what date you put on the Sphinx, because they are missing the whole point.  Let's not be so petty as to argue over how old the Sphinx is, when the real issue at hand is what does the Sphinx mean?  In ancient Egyptian Mythology the Sphinx was a great, powerful, magical, majestic creature who guarded the gates of Thebes.  It has the body of a lioness and the head of the woman and was scene as an Ethereal creature-- part goddess and part human.  She appeared with the luminosity and bears great similarities to that of a fallen angel.  I'm not saying that's what she is, but if you could draw a parallel, this would be the next closest beings.  Some depictions even give the Sphinx wings.  

When in reference to the structure, the Sphinx is the ancient Temple that was built by Egyptians in a time that will remain disputed.  However, I support one theory over another.  In fact, this piece pretty much solves the dispute. The Sphinx was not built by the Great Pharaoh Khufu, which is the moreover accepted version of history due to hieroglyphs that were drawn.  However, it was built in 5,000 BC during the great deluge of the continent Atlantis.  A band ofAtlantean Refugees, who in modern times take on many depictions from aliens, to fallen angels, to superlative beings, designed the Sphinx.  Everything is interrelated and no matter what spin you take on it all of the stories pretty much add up to the same thing.  A group of super powerful beings are the ones that constructed the Sphinx.  The Sphinx is not just a simple ancient tomb.  Rather, it is a being that is alive.  It breathes the same air we do, it contains supernatural powers and energy.  It is alive in more ways that you have ever really known until now.  

Either way, the Ancients knew that the decline of the human race was coming.  This is why God sent the Great Deluge.  Humans were becoming way to powerful and magical and God didn't want the whole rebellion in Heaven thing to happen all over again, so he sent a flood to destroy humanity.  However, the knowledge of all humanity and all the world was placed into the Sphinx, who is the guardian to an Ethereal realm called Thebes.  The Egyptians were taught the magic of Thebes by the spirit remnants of those who were killed during the Great Flood.  They did this by possessing the bodies of the people who would eventually become the Egyptians.  This is why there are so many similarities between the magic of Atlantis and the Magic of Egypt.  The Magic of Egypt and the overall world comes from the Heart of the Sphinx.  And by Hearth of Sphinx I don't literally mean the Heart.  When the Sphinx was designed, it was designed  with a secret chamber where the heart of sphinx would theoretically be if it had one.  The life force of the sphinx was emitted from this secret chamber, or the heart.  Thus it was kept alive, similar to the way blood is pumped through the heart of a human.  The ironic part is blood is merely an ethereal element that connects us to a greater power.  This is why it is the blood of Christ that saved humanity the second time.

Keep in mind this is why I say all things are related.  Either way, the second generation of humans brought about by Noah and his family were much more dumbed down than anybody could have hoped for.  The Sphinx sat idly by with the knowledge that entombed also sitting idly by, not being used and not being noticed until the ancient Atlanteans began possessing the Egyptians and showing them the truth.  The truth is that the Sphinx is not merely a structure.  It is the Oracle of Time.  It has experienced significant erosion over the years, and this is because that has been meant to happen.  

The Atlanteans knew that the dumbing down of the masses was coming in order for God to fulfill his prophecies on Earth.  He needed them not to notice, lest they rise up.  So the knowledge was placed into the Sphinx and a time spell was placed on the Sphinx.  As it erodes, each day it comes closer and closer to the end time.  This is why the Great Pharaoh Khufu had it rebuilt.  This is why other structures built in the same time period appear so well maintained.  The Sphinx is supposed to erode.  At the end of times, when there comes a time of Great Enlightenment.  The Sphinx will have finished eroding, revealing the chamber that is known as the heart of the Sphinx.  At this point the knowledge of all human kind and all magic and all abilities and all powers and all everything will be released to humanity so that way they be enlightened in the same way that the ancients were enlightened. 

The timeline of the Sphinx coincides with the falling of the New Jerusalem after the wicked have been sentenced to Hell and only the pure of heart remain.  It is at this time the worthy dead who have been buried in pyramids and catacombs will also rise with an awakening that will take the intelligence of the average man back to a time when the Atlanteans lived on Earth with the Angels and the Garden of Eden was still visible in the distance.  Extreme enlightenment will take over and the people on the face of Earth will exist in spirituality and duality with every knowledge and every type of magic at there disposal.  The pyramids will once again come to life and the capstones will emit the power into the air like they did at one point in time, before they went into hibernation to preserve magic from the hands of evil and ignorance.  

Until this all passes, there is a secret entrance into the Heart of the Sphinx.  You have to know about it in order to be able to access it and there are very few who know about it.  The entrance in the Paw of the Sphinx and there is a secret passageway that leads to the Heart of the Sphinx, the secret chamber where all of the information that I've share with you exists in the form of a holographic record.  It is where all the magic that I've described comes to life and means something rather than just energies and powers.  This is why Raviniska was born in the Paw of the Sphinx, the entrance way, or vein if you will, that leads directly to the Heart of the Sphinx.  This is why she is powerful.  

Listen, this piece is very powerful.  If you want to exist like the ancient Atlanteans, or the Sphinx, or the Fallen Angels, or Raviniska herself, this is the piece you have been looking for.  This piece has been taken from the Heart of the Sphinx.  It has been filled with the power thereof.  It will transform the powers and energies of the living breathing Sphinx into a power that make you as if you were an Ethereal being.  You will be able to see the entire history of existence as well as where existence is going.  It will allow you to defy the time spell of the sphinx and advance the fact that it is decaying like the hands of time.  The power and truth of the Sphinx will be yours and you will see all things and know all things.  You will be able to practice all magic and exist above normality in a state of mind that will ultimately give you immortality because it will slow down your aging to barely not aging all.  This energy is literally the sustenance of all lifeforms human and ethereal, spirit and mortal.  It is the life force itself.  It has created existence.  Now you can control it, rather than wait for it.  The power is yours, but only with this piece. 


This necklace is stunning! The stone is over an inch long and the setting is sterling with a sterling chain. This is not a piece you will regret buying. During testing which was mostly based on gaining ancient power and magic of ancient races all of it was very easy. We learned that during certain times thought magic was just that,thought. Today you would have to work on it but not with this piece. You simply think it and it is done. When you think of these ancient civilizations that that could make mountains move, this is what we are talking about. With this item I was able to go to the Ark of Noah. Inside I could pull from it ancient wood that holds a mind enlightenment surge. I can't really explain it but that is what happened. I'm not sure if you can see how this flashes and holds your attention with these pictures but it sure is a sight to behold. I myself saw and entered the paw and the heart. You can hear it breathe,you can see things being built in a realm where I can stretch my hand out and feel it. This is one of the oddest pieces. I used it for wealth. I used to help others. I used it to talk to and feel the dead. I used it to learn magic. I did not stop using it and then I had questions! Just thnk about what you want to know,you can learn it. Languages I learned,it was very interesting!

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