The Slipshod Resurrections

The thing is that you will never be able to find any of the information that I'm about to give you on the Internet.  I spent weeks researching the pair called the Slipshod Sisters, only to come to a dead-end every time that I found a lead.  Online, there is little more than pictures that can be attributed to concrete proof of Slipshod. I even did research in hardcopy, the fashioned way; but, you can google it.  There are ton of pictures of children that have been transported there.  One child is bound entirely in rope, another is put in a cage that exposes on his head.  The creepiest of them all would be the pictures of the Slipshod Sister on a porch outside of the building that they used as the reformatory for the feeble-minded.  They are clad in their long, flowing dresses that look more like nightgowns and hair that they could probably tickle their legs with.  At first glance you would think that they are patience at the home, but they are the sisters that run it.  These are the the pair that children who were so-called feeble-minded were shipped off to by parents who didn't want to properly take care of their children, or couldn't.  Either way, it doesn't really erase the fact that once there, the children were at the hands of the merciless Slipshod Sisters, whose minds were as feeble as feeble comes.  

Once secured by the charm (if that is what you want to call it) of the Slipshod sisters, parents who wanted to rid themselves of their nuisance delighted in the fact that they thought they were doing the right thing; or so they told themselves.  When the children arrived at the home, they were subject torture of all kinds.  They were physically and genetically mutated.  They were subject to all sorts of transplants and surgeries that would deemed illegal in most of the civilized world these days, but the children were never given a voice, so there was really nobody to care-- especially with the lack of regulations in those days.  Abuse in these types of hospitals ran rampant; but not much was done about it.  The Sisters, in their state of mental disarray thought that these experiments and genetic adaptations were normal and it wasn't uncommon to see children with two heads or one eye, or missing noses or exposes internals.  However, the most prolific horrors came when the sisters determined that they were going to turn to sorcery and necromancy.  Their idea was to use the feeble-minded children's bodies to resurrect an army of the deceased ancestors, who they claimed were the royals of the world.  This way they'd be able to claim the so-called hidden knowledge that their ancestors had, but at their rate, I highly doubt any of their ancestors were even close to being brilliant, but this is what they supposed.  

After the weeks of following the new acquisition of the sistes' magic, you could hear screams and cries in the night, as the souls of the children who were staying at the hospital were taken out of their bodies prematurely and new souls were replaced.  I cannot say what has happened to souls, only state my wishes for the fact that their souls were christened.  Thus, the sisters replaced their hospital of the feeble-minded with possessed little bodies that were malformed and malnourished and just plain creepy looking.  It was worse than the freak show.  In search of some dire magic that never came about, the sisters kept on recruiting children, and summoning the souls of the ancestors in search of some hidden knowledge that never came.  Rather, the residents of the home, now with human bodies and appetites took to boiling and eating each other.  Desperate to find magic, the necromancy got a bit out of hand and the sisters, as insane as they were knew they had a crisis on their hands and that their own lives were in jeopardy.  In an attempt to rid what they had started, they orchestrated a mass homicide by poisoning and their ancestors, in the bodies of children, returned to their graves.  The sisters then killed themselves, which was the obvious solution to a messed up plot from the beginning.  As for the souls of the children, I'm not sure exactly what happened to them I was never told by the visitor.  

Ahhh, the visitor. I supposed I should have mentions him-- well it-- before now, but here we go.  When I began researching this topic, I felt like I was under the pull of some supernatural force.  I became obsessed with trying to find information that wasn't there.  I searched high and low, in and out, over and under.  I couldn't sleep, I became irritable and restless.  I was determined to find the answers, but as many leads as I thought I had, they never worked out, or led to dead ends.  I mean, you can look it up yourself.  There is literally no information of the ghastly pair of sisters or there reformatory anywhere.  No discoveries of bodies or nothing.  I became crazed with wanting to find out more.  It wasn't until late one night when I was doing some research that I was visited by a shadow, in a smoky, bodiless form.  It crept up the chair I was sitting in.  Eventually, it enveloped my body and I was shown images and replays like movies in my brain.  This is how I know all that went on.  At the end of it all, there was a piece on the table I was working at.  The shadow spirit was gone.  

I attempted to use the piece and realized is was an original necromancy piece from the Slipshod Home for the Feeble-Minded, as used by the sister to resurrect their dead relatives.  The piece bears familiarities to Egyptian Necromancy mixed with Native American burial rights.  It's a heavy magic, but it is not dark or evil.  It is dual magic, and you can use it to resurrect anyone from the dead in full spirit form.  They will show themselves to you and and converse as if they were actually here.  You can use this to resurrect as many souls as you want, to communicate accordingly.  However, keep in mind you can also use this piece to resurrect the souls of people like Marie Laveau or Aleister Crowley or Elizabeth Bathory to gain their magic or to cast part of their soul into other pieces to make magical items.  This piece is definitely a must-have.  I almost kept it for myself, but I'm a huge believer in karma and my job is to bring magic to the world, not hoard it for myself.  So, this piece is now up for sale.  It is an extremely powerful piece.  We have tested it time and time again and to this very day, have never been let down or disappointed in the power.  I guess what they say is true-- there is always a silver lining to the storm cloud.  And as for all the souls of the children whose bodies were used-- I guess you can say I saved the best part for last.  I told a little white lie.  They are now guardian angels in Heaven and when you use this piece they will protect you with full white light powers against the lunacy of people (or souls) like the Slipshod Sisters.  Enjoy.   

The Slipshod Resurrections
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