The Great Chicago Djinn

By definition, a djinn is a spirit that is born of smokeless and scorching fire. They aren't quite demons, but they sure aren't angels.  In fact, in the Quran they are listed at one of the three sapient creations of the lord, the other two being angels and, obviously, humans.  These Djinnhave been given free will unlike angels and just like humans.  They live in a realm that is calledDjinnestan, another universe beyond the known.  They can travel and have traveled through the realms when catastrophic events such as fires and explosions happen on Earth.  In one particular case, the Great Chicago Fire, there was a host of Djinn that traveled from Djinnestanto Earth.  I'm not sure why they would want to leave Djinnestan to come here, but then again I've never been to Djinnestan and the only description that is given of it is what I've already told you, "a universe beyond the known."  Who knows what they have to go through over there.  

Either way, dozens of djinn popped up from the Djinnestan.  Some of these djinn stand free til this day, doing whatever it is that djinn do to pass the time, maybe catching stuff on fire or possessing people's mortal bodies.  However, the majority of the have been captured by paranormal investigators such as myself.  I'm not saying we caught these djinn personally, but they were caught by the best of the time and you can believe their powerful.  Going hand-in-hand with supernatural beliefs, once a djinn is caught, he is destined for a life of servitude.  Thus, most djinn pieces will do some degree of wish granting.  Whether it's three wishes and done, or one, or unlimited wishes.  The ones that we got we obtained an underground supernatural swap meet.  I know that sounds dumb, but it's the best way that I know how to describe it.  That's pretty much what it was.  We traded items for items and we know that you guys love djinn, so this is what we found. These items each have a Djinn that was birthed from the Great Chicago Fire.  The fire was hot enough to pull through some very powerful djinn, too, as these djinn grant unlimited wishes to the person who wears this piece.  It's a surprise we haven't gotten any from the fire in New Jersey.  Perhaps we will.  Until then...  Enjoy. 

The Great Chicago Djinn
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