Tantalizing Theresa

Tantalizing Theresa 


We located this doll through a contact of ours,  contacted the owner, got the email below and then got the doll ~ ?


Mrs. Pope's email to me:

Dear Jason,

Theresa was originally purchased by myself at an antique store in Jefferson, Texas. And was given to my six year old daughter who named her the lovely name "Theresa" I was never certain why but I believed it was after my deceased grandmother who she never knew.

I do not know why I bought a porcelain doll for such a young child. Then again, but I knew instinctively I was to do this and in my life the doll would stay.

The store I bought her in was called the Red Barn, and it's still there today. An old man waited on me I will never forget. He was very nice as he shuffled around pointing at the doll with his nice silver headed cane. He told me to notice that this doll was looking at me and wanted to go home with me. I said "oh really?"

I told him she was nice but I had a small child that would destroy her. He then looked me in the eye and said lady that doll is telling me it wants to live with you and will love your daughter until the day she dies and she will be no trouble at all. I was taken back because the man was talking to me as if he could hear the doll telling him just what to say. so I bought her and did not quibble about the price because I knew the doll was worth much more then I paid.

My daughter Janette Ranee Pope was only 6 years old at the time. Everyone told me why would I give my child such an expensive present. I said it's not the price, it's that fact of the happy memories it will give me and her. And of course Janetter fell in love with her at first sight.

Theresa lived with Janette day and night, I do mean lived. She had to sit on the toilet at bath time, She even went to pre-school and a few years of elementary school. Janette informed me one day that Theresa told her that she was bored and would rather stay home.

When Theresa's right leg was broken accidentally by her best friend Christina, Janette cried real tears all day for the terrible tragedy it was just so devastating. And she flung her self about as I bandaged the nub that was left. I was told by my daughter or should I say informed that there had to be a professional funeral for the shattered leg, and Christina had to attend, no if's ands or buts about it.

 I was stunned, but I did what Janette asked. My husband built a little coffin out of an old cigar box that he cut to scale like a small pinch toed coffin. Janette told us it was just like the one Theresa envisioned.

So we set to have the funeral as I was told to put the shattered pieces in the freezer. Janette called all her friends, and all of our family...and told them to come dressed for the funeral which was to be held the next day. She said it had to be buried right away because the next day was Sunday and Theresa not only was upset because she had one foot in the grave, but because if it was buried on a Sunday the leg would go straight to hell.

Janette carried her around as an invalid for many months that turned into a year or more. I constantly had to replace her bandage daily as Janetter told me Theresa instructed her to tell me. I also had to check it out for infection and what ever other malady Theresa told her for me to check. She also told me that Theresa would wake her in the night complaining of phantom pains where her missing leg once was. At this point I was beginning to think my kid just had a great imagination. Because in the early 1980's no one ever thought about a child's doll being really haunted.

Janette once woke me up screaming that the pain in Theresa's leg felt like fire ants were eating it. So in the middle of the night we went to grave of the leg to see that it was now a mound of fire ants.

I personally believed the doll is haunted from that point on. Then I had to find a way to take the doll away. So I came up with a plan and have kept her locked away since. I told my daughter that Theresa had decided she wanted see her mother and went to visit her friends and family back in England. then I locked her away in a old trunk in my attic where she has been since my daughter was 7.

The pictures I had on the steps were taken right before I put her in the attic, as I send the pictures to a local psychic for some answers. When I went to take her out to take photos for you, I was shocked to see that her right leg is now back, with shoe in tact, and in perfect condition! This doll is freaky! I hope she does not haunt you too much, and she has a new wonderful time with you to study.




Mrs. D. Pope


** This doll was tested and she has been found to be a healer~! She was trying to teach Janette how to heal her leg, but was taken away too soon -- and then healed herself. She will project a healing gene into your body that will enrich you as a mastery coven of divine healing regiments.


An empowering doll with quite a history --- this is a rare find!



Tantalizing Theresa
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