ALL I CAN SAY IS AMAZING,AMAZING,AMAZING!!!! This is a glass spray bottle with transformed energy in it. This has a filter that you pop in and you mist yourself,hair,face body,whatever. This charges you personally and improves skin and hair but we added a twist to it for you. When you spray this due to the charge it will increase your ability to intake energy that is from the other side. Why do you want this? Once a person dies they are given full power as they have left their body behind. This is the energy that you will pull into you. This will give you telepathy,easing mind connections and after a while the ability to come into contact with the spiritual world in communication and visual if you want that. This also infuses you with vitamin C which soaks into your skin. You will never use anything better that prevents aging and also increases the minds power as well. I have a very limited number of these so if your wanting one,get it while you can.
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