These beautifully decorated jars hold a serum that was given to us by Adita. Adita found the serum during an investigation in an ancient monastery, during she found out the monks were still practicing the same magic that the ancients practiced while they were still on Earth. This magic is an invocation directly from the gods, and this particular serum holds three distinct powers. You can use the serum for any combination of the powers that it holds. For instance, if you only want to use one or two of the three powers, then you can just use whichever ones you want. You can use all three if you choose to. It's really up to you. The first power that this serum can accomplish for you is the attraction of beauty. This serum actually has the powers to slow down and reverse the aging process. it will make your skin appear more radiant than ever. You will hold an aura about you that will make you appear more beautiful and attract people in, which brings me to the next power. The second power is the attraction of love. This piece will allow you to seek out and attain your perfect mate. Love always seems to be elusive. I mean, you could always find somebody who will hook-up with you, because that's the way society has gone these days. However, this piece will allow you to seek out honest-to-goodness , wholesome, true love. Lastly, and quite conversely, this serum holds the powers of revenge. Using this serum you can plot out revenge on your enemies in your mind. The serum will create a spiritual force that will seek our your foes and inflict equal damage and misery as that which was inflicted upon yourself. Okay, it might go a little bit deeper than that, but this power does not have the ability to inflict severe injury or death. It's more along the lines of a bitch stole your man, so now she has her own love problems. We have a few of these items, so get one for yourself and a friend!! They are very effective and work incredibly!!
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