The Vulgate Cycle

A lot of things that have supposedly been fiction have been written into existence.  However, you always have to stop and ask yourself, "is this really fiction or does it have some truth?"  For instance, if you would read-- or have read-- 1984 by George Orwell, you would definitely know that what he has written about was either a.) a prophetic vision or b.) a testimony to those things that he knew to be true.  There are a bunch of other works, too many for me to list, that draw pictures that are supposedly merely works of literature.  Just like that little saying "there's a little truth to every joke," so there often times truths behind these works of literature that human minds dismiss as fiction because they can't comprehend the existence of magic.  This is because they have completely been shut off to this notion, partly in due to the fact that the New World Order encourages these types magic to thought of purely as fiction.  They don't want people to be able to access the truths for fear of somebody becoming more powerful than they are. It's always best to go into situations intelligently, without dismissing any possibility, especially this piece, because what I'm about to offer is the chance of a life time! 

This item holds the presence of the real presence of Morgan Le Faye.  As her name suggests, this is a sorceress.  She was one of the four sorceresses that flew King Arthur to the Land of Avalon.  She is one of the key immortals documented in what is known as the Vulgate Cycle, when King Arthur and his Grail Knights are in hot pursuit of the Holy Grail.  Her magic is a form of Preternatural magic, which means that it is a real form of magic.  It isn't supernatural, because anybody could do it, but it isn't natural because it isn't common.  With the right enhancements anybody could become like Morgan, even though she's had centuries of practice.   I don't know if you could ever become as powerful as she is, but you can begin to learn.

As one of the four that carried King Arthur to the realm of Avalon.  Avalon-- Isle of Apples-- is nothing more than an alternate a reality.  When I was testing this piece I learned that it was nothing more than extension of the Garden of Eden and that is when I began to realize that thing made perfect sense.  Morgan Le Faye was also one of the leading individuals who guided and gave King Arthur advice on his adventure known as the Vulgate Cycle.  The Vulgate Cycle was the quest to find the Holy Grail, but it was clearly never meant to be found.  Rather, it isn't really in a mortal place that can be found.  It exists apart from the normal, in a realm that is realm but is Ethereal. The only way to visit the Holy Grail is in spirit form.  This is why Morgan Le Faye flew King Arthur to Avalon, because it is where her magic existed in the strongest form.  She could heal him there.  She could also assist him in spiritual traveling to the realm where the Holy Grail was kept so he could complete the quest, finally.  This part isn't recorded in history.  It has been rewritten by those who control records. They don't want people to find out about the magic that is in the Holy Grail for the same reason-- they don't want the population to get more power than they have.  By "they" I mean the people who rule the world that promote the dumbed down version of society we live in. 

This piece contains magic from Morgan Le Faye, the real Morgan Le Faye, that allows you to also fly to Avalon-- in spirit form.  Once in the real Avalon, the spirit world that is an extension to the Garden of Eden, this magic will allow you to peak inside the Holy Grail.  I'm not going to tell you what happens next.  That is what the magic in the piece is for.  People have been on the search for the Holy Grail forever.  There have even been books and movies made about it.  What will happen when you encounter the Holy Grain for yourself??  Well I guess there really is no telling because reality is different to everyone and the power will affect you differently than it does me or the next person. I can assure you this though, the Grail will give you a source of the most pure form of magic and alchemy that there is to exist.  It is based on the energy that made everything you know possible, so all the powers and magic that you've ever created or practiced have probably been made with a source of energy that has been made possible by the Holy Grail.  It is free flowing and formless source of magic that you can literally bend into anything you want.  It's the energy to create your own powers, your own magic, your own abilities, your own whatever.  Don't shy away from this piece, there's truth in everything.  You just have to be able to embrace it.  Consider this your warm embrace of magic, because once you peak into the Grail, your magic will surpass that of anyone else you've even known.  I can guarantee that, and I also guarantee that this piece will go fast, so if you have the slightest inkling that you want it to you be yours, act now.



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