Every part of the world has its own conspiracy theories, although I don't necessarily like to call them that because it the conspiracy isn't a conspiracy at all, then what do you call it?  Reality?  This piece correlates to one such "conspiracy theory" that comes out of India.  As you all know, or maybe you don't, India is among the most mysterious countries in the world.  It only makes sense given the fact that India alone makes up a good chunk of the world's population.  When people are gathered like that and packed up densely there are bound to be weird things that go on, although this listing not so weird as it is mysterious.  Read on and you'll understand.

It was the year 273 BC, so picture ancient India.  It's not as populated or civilized.  The King of India, known as King Asoka, is at war with a neighboring country.  He loses 100,000 men in battle.  So as to never lose by such an awful margin again, he instills magic into a group of men that he knows he can trust.  There were nine of them and these people were probably just as close, if not closer than Jesus and his disciples.  He called the group the Nine Unknown Men and gives each of them a Book of Knowledge that they are responsible for.  Each Book of Knowledge contains some sort of magic that corresponds to each individual that he or she is then expressly responsible for. 

The Nine Unknown Men, or as some people call it, the Unknown Nine (because they aren't exactly always men) are the equivalent to the Illuminati in the West.  In fact the Unknown Nine have certain agreements and pacts with the Illuminati, because the magic in the Books of the Knowledge that were given to them are equally as powerful as the magic that the Illuminati gained from the Egyptian Mystery schools.  In fact, a lot of it is duplicate information that is founded on the same energies and powers that Illuminati magic has also been founded on. 

Now, I know you're thinking to yourself, "why should believe him?  Just because he said this group exists, the it exists?"  I don't want you to do that at all.  I want to let the power in this piece do all the talking for me-- well, for you.  As you know we have people all over the world that always on some type of investigation.  This piece was sent back to us from our associate Emir who was successfully able to infiltrate the Unknown Nine and their immediate council.  Nobody knows for sure who the Unknown Nine are because at meetings and such they show up entirely dressed in black in ceremonial masks. In fact, each of the Unknown Nine have no clue who the other 8 members of the Unknown Nine are, with the exception of the original Unknown Nine who were appointed by King Asoka. 

Long story short, Emir got in good with one of the council members.  I'm not sure which one and I'm not so sure I want to know which one.  Either way, the fact of the matter is that this piece was a direct result of his success in his investigation.  This piece duplicates the power of the original.  The original is kept in India and is used only in the event of an extreme, rare type of emergency.  This piece embodies the powers of ALL NINE Books of Knowledge.  It gives the person who wears it all the hidden knowledge of King Asoka that he bestowed upon his originals back in 273 BC. 

I could tell you the titles and types of magic that is contained in all the Books of Knowledge, but what fun would that be?  Then, in essence, it wouldn't be a secret anymore and the piece wouldn't be as lucrative.  That is why I am leaving it a closed discussion.  By getting this piece you are obtaining all the Knowledge, power, and magic of  the Nine Books of Knowledge and for the sake of NOT dispelling the secret, we will leave it at that.  However, I can tell you right now-- Yes, I have used the piece myself-- you do not want to pass your opportunity up! The powers in this piece are absolutely phenomenal.  They will completely transform and reshape your life into basically that of a demigod! 

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