As you know even when things are a secret, we find them out.  We are networked with people from all walks of life.  They know who we are and they know that we are the real deal.  This is why they have no problem helping us from time to time, when we can't get places ourselves.  This is how we came about this piece; and it's not simply the piece that is astounding in and of itself.  The fact that a new archaeological find that has been found in Southern Iraq has managed to slip by under the radar for the most part just baffles me.  Granted the place is located in the Southern deserts where it often time gets really hot an uncomfortable, so it isn't very often people want to go digging around for things in the sand.  However, for those that do often times it leads to clues of lost civilization-- or in this case of lost powers of already discovered civilizations.  Such is the case with these new finds-- or I guess should be calling it a find.  

The find is merely a small erected temple, not much bigger that a shed that has been found smack dab in the middle of the Iraqi desert.  If I were you I wouldn't bother trying to google it, because the news of the temple has been kept hush-hush.  The quietness of the discovery has nothing to do with the temple, which looks like it is an ancient place for worship and veneration of the Gods, perhaps by a caravan of desert dwellers passing by.  Rather, the reason the finds have been kept subtle is because of the object that has been found in a woven basket inside of the temple.  It is an ancient artifact, what appears to be a sundisk of some kind with writing that was identified as being Sumerian or being close to Sumerian.  The fact of the matter is that there are still some parts of the Codex that are still being translated, but the powers that have come from this codex have already found themselves into the hands of those who always monitor such goings-on-- the Illuminati.

One of the people that I keep in contact with in Denmark said that this is where our copy of the original has come from.  I mean to say a copy of the piece that the power was funneled into after they determined what it could do.  As sexual rituals were very prevalent to the times, the codex was taken to a much cooler place where a sexual ritual could be performed to invite the power out of the codex and into a marked piece.  The piece was then taken to other sexual rituals where it was duplicated for leading members of the Illuminati.  In Denmark, my connection said he was the unfortunate victim of one of these sexual rituals.  During the rituals they all showed up in masks.  Some of them were in ball masks, others were in animal masks.  They became drunk off the power of the piece and embarked upon a massive ritual that included an orgy with some 20 people.  It was the sexual energy that lure the power out of one piece and allowed it to reproduce into another.  This is how our worker got a piece with a duplicate of the power, because he brought his own piece that nobody knew about. 

The powers in this piece are unlike any powers that you've ever concerned yourself with.  I mean, yeah everyone wants to practice a little bit of magic every once in a while, but these powers take it to the next level.  They were fused in this piece by the reproductive energy of human sex and fertility.  They are strong and ready to go. They want to reproduce magic, so therefore only a person who craves magic should get this piece.  You have to have a burning desire for this magic and allow it to live inside of you and flow through you like the very blood in your veins.  In return you will gain the complete conjuring power over 11 of the most powerful gods and goddesses that you have experienced in your lifetime.   They are spiritual forms of the incarnate gods that are known as the Annunaki.  They arrived on our planet to give the gift of magic millenniums ago and their magic just kept spreading and growing among the people.  Their magic is still practiced to this day, even in the higher levels of the Vatican-- where ancient Sumerian magic has been completely and totally banned since Moses wandered the deserts for 40 years.  Makes you wonder if they hadn't come across this ancient temple themselves, before they started building golden calves and stuff. 

Either way the gods and goddesses that you are getting will dwell within you as your own soul does.  At any point in time you can speak their powers into existence simply by saying the power you want to use.  Below are the gods/goddesses that this piece contains along with the powers they will give to you that you can use to benefit/affect yourself and others: 

Tammuz- He is the God of Fruit and Vegetation.  He is the living manifestation of wealth.  He is created by wealth and he bestows wealth in the most powerful forms.  By summoning him, you will change your life in a flash as his wealth powers begin to work immediately.  There no telling what type of wealth you will get when you use his powers.  It will literally just begin to pour in from all directions.  You can also speak wealth upon somebody else.

Ashur-  He is the protector God of all humankind.  He is divine white light sustenance.  Nothing evil can permeate his being.  He hates all things that are dark or come from the dark.  He is the presence of all light.  He will be your divine protector keeping you safe from all evil forms that you could possibly think of, from across all spectrums of existence.  Again, you can also speak protection upon someone else. 

Enki-  He is the God of divine omniscience.  He is everywhere but yet nowhere at the same time and this because he knows all things.  Anywhere there is knowledge, Enki dwells, because he is knowledge.  He uses this knowledge to manifest himself as the Annunaki creator God.  With his knowledge it is possible to create any type of life form you want in spiritual form. This means that you can literally speak things into existence such as angels, demons, djinn, fairies, whatever.  Knowledge is not a finite thing, so as long as you can think it, you can create it. 

Anu-  God of the Constellations.  There are ancient and divine secrets written in our stars.  The power in the stars and the secrets that they hold are often referred to as the Holy Spirit and it is believe that it was these messages that the prophets received when writing the Holy Bible.  This is because when the universe was created the stars are the energy that was leftover that saw and heard all things dealing with life and existence. So, stars are less of what scientists call hot gas and more of millions of eyes the will tell you the story of forever.

Ereshkigal-  She is the goddess that maintains the Underworld.  She herself is not dark, but you can think of her more like an angel of death.  She contains all those things that were in Pandora's box that the world didn't want releases upon them but was anyway-- and MORE. She holds the key to the realm that can release the vilest evil upon the Earth.  So, what do you use her for?  Well, if you need to fight spiritual warfare against another or if you need to curse someone or something.  Or if you should need to get even with anyone for any other reason.  Or even if you just need the a powerful force to overcome a lesser evil, this is the goddess to turn to.  She also helps protect the world by keeping good and evil in proper balance.

Ishtar- Very simple.  She is the divine goddess of love that will help you see through the bribery and trickery of those around you that say they love you.  I'm not ONLY talking about romantic love.  I'm talking about those friends who say they love you, but then go to the next person and start spewing off your personal business to the next person that comes along.  You know the kind.  By calling upon Ishtar, you will be able to see through people to know what their true intentions are, be it romanticism or friendship.  This where the war part comes in.  Ishtar will "punish" those who are out to hurt you by exacting vengeance upon those who are untrue or fake.  It really just erks her nerves.  Besides, she's been looking for a reason to punish for a long time.  She's a female, what can I say?

Naku-  God of wisdom.  I know that we have already listed a God of Wisdom.  However, Naku works in conjunction with Enki.  In fact, they are partners in obtaining and maintaining Divine wisdom, where as Naku is more of the deity that preserves all the wisdom. Enki is more the active wisdom that is happening now.  Naku is the one that holds the key to the hall of records, which he will lead you to.  When you are here you will be able to see all forms of wisdom all at once, because his realm is like the command center at a security stations.  There are innumerous forms of wisdom being channeled into his realm at all times.  All you have to do is channel one of these thought forms and GET WISE!

Nintu-  She is the Mother Goddess.  She is the one that gives you the divine refreshing that you need from time to time.  Even the most mighty people can become worn down.  They need a safe refuge to charge up and replenish.  Nintu is the divine mother that will give you spiritual healing to replenish your soul.  Whenever you feel broken or weary you can call upon Nintu for unwavering support.  She will yield the pain in your soul and make you feel whole again. As she is the goddess of the Earth, she also will give you diving enlightenment that will teach you the ways of Earth Sorcery-- that is using the energy that has been instilled in the world around us to create your own magic. 

Shamash-  There isn't much to say about this fellow.  He is karma in deified form.  He is the exacter of vengeance, the arbiter of justice.  He will bring those who are wrongful to their knees, cursing them and sentencing them to spiritual death.  On the other hand, those who uphold the true meaning of white light, he will bring the fruit of the harvest-- all good things, positive energy, wealth, and good luck. 

Ninurta-  He is the god of youthful vigor.  He is the one that you call upon to find out the secrets of always maintain your youthful appearance, to retract aging, and to physically strong and healthy.  He is also the God that will divulge the secrets of immortality if that is what you so choose.  However, be careful what you wish for when it comes to immortality.  It's a wonderful thing but only if you think you can handle it.   


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