This is Cassia she was found murdered due to abuse. She was found locked in a closet in the fetal position in Texas. Nothing was on her,no clothes nor shoes. All that remained was bones. What was interesting to the investigator was that no hair was even found in the area leading them to believe that her head had been shaved. She looked to be about 4 years old and it was so stressful for the one investigator that she no longer is in that line of work. Going back and looking through the records of the house to try and track down who she belonged to did not pan out and to this day she remains a mystery. The lady investigator named her Cassia after a sister that she had lost in childhood. The only thing that remained was a necklace that we could not get because the case is still open. I met with Barbara and also the Cassia as the spirit had followed her home. She could not deal with it and so she came with me. For two years I could not get her to speak at all. I had tried various dolls and she would not stay in one! Finally I found a doll not for her but for this other little girl. This doll used to have no face,only eyes. For some reason Cassia liked her and climbed in making a home. The next day when I went to check on her she then had painted on lips and color on her cheeks. She is happy inside this doll. Next I asked Barbara what type of necklace did she have when they found her and she said it was an older piece but for an adult,not a child. So I gave her one of them. She then began to communicate with me and told me of the horror she had suffered. It is truly terrible and your imagination couldn't even come up with it. Her entire body it seems is made of a hard cloth and she is jointed. Many times I have woke to find her on the floor in my room. She is a beautiful child and extremely articulate for her age. She will always remain as she is. You may communicate to her using the necklace that comes with her.

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