In the vicinity of Hoi An and Danang, in Vietnam, there is a sanctuary that goes by the name My Son.  Actually, they are the remains of what used to be a sanctuary in the ancient Kingdom of Champa.  It was once a city that flourished through the 4th to 13th centuries, being left behind by the Cham civilization.  My Son once was, and is still considered a spiritual center.  People who go there feel a presence with them as they observe and explore what was once a great civilization of 70 temples and other buildings located along the Valle Hon Quap river. 

It is from one of the Temples of My Son that this piece comes from.  I'm not sure which one, because we weren't actually on this investigation ourselves.  Rather, a friend of mine, who likes to explore ruins-- both urban and ancient-- was on a trip when he found this piece.  However, he didn't just find it though.  It came to him in a vision.  During his vision he was down by the river when he caught glimpse of a beautiful young Asian lady, who he describes as looking as though she could be a goddess.  The young woman invited him down by the river where she gave him a drink of surprisingly fresh water, after all, my friend had been thirsty from hiking. 

After the woman gave him a drink of fresh water, she vanish into a vapor.  In the place where she was sat was this piece.  My friend has not one paranormal bone in his body and didn't know the first thing to do with the item, so he gave it to me.  We were able to run some tests on it to conclude that this piece was made with chips from the Cintamani Stone.  The Cintamani Stone is of Oriental origins and draws a parallel to the philosopher's stone.  Except, this stone goes one step above and beyond.  Instead of allowing you to turn metal into gold, this stone grants you unlimited wishes.  The thing is, nobody knows where the Cintamani Stone is.  People have been searching for it since ancient times and nothing has ever turned up.  Well, this piece contains a chip off of the original Cintamani Stone.  It's a shame I don't know where the original stone is at or I would make more these pieces; but for now there's at least this piece!  It grants unlimited wishes.  That's better than a djinn, who wouldn't want something like that?


This is mine  and it is a size 8. I wore this and used this one for a long time. I can't tell you if it is sterling but I know it never changed color and it does have markings in it but they are strange.

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