God will come again.  It has been promised; but like I keep on trying to enforce in the minds of others, it's not going to be the same way that we have always envisioned it.  When the time comes for God (and the Christ) to return to Earth for the end of the world as we know it, things will be a bit different in those days.  I can only tell you this because I have a piece that has allowed me to travel to the kingdom that is known as the New Jerusalem.  It is the world that will fall to the Earth during the next cycle of the Christ.  At this point, all humans who have walked the walk of white light will be kept in a kingdom where there will be nothing to fear.  The only thing the exists in the New Jerusalem is peace and prosperity and people who do righteous things for one another and for God.  By righteous I don't mean that we'll have to go to church all day every day and exalt God in all his splendor.  Even though that's what people think of when it mentions the never-ending exaltation of God, this is not what it means.  Exaltation in those days will be the spread of God's uncapped and unparalleled white light sorcery.  You will not go to church all day, it's not a camp-meeting. 

The magic that will be in the New Jerusalem comes from God, but has been hidden here on Earth near and far.  It is what Jesus, son of Joseph the Carpenter had to travel the world to find during his time as Christ on Earth.  Jesus was born of a virgin, as most messiahs throughout history have been.  They need the innocence that goes along with the fact that they were born out of immaculate conception.  He was reared by Joseph and Mary Carpenter until he reached the age that is was appropriate to go off on his own, to learn the trade of spirituality and the magic that goes along with it.  During the 18 years he was gone, the "Lost years", he traveled the entire world over.  This isn't documented in the Bible.  It was meticulously left out by the people who crafted the Bible in an attempt to dumb down the reader.  The reason being?  It is possible for all of us to unlock a little bit of the "Christ power" in all of us.  We are all born in God's image and thus, we are born with the capable of being his white light son, should he choose to put us in that position. 

Anyway, during the Lost Years, Jesus traveled near and far. He traveled to the orient where he was greeted by Taoist seers and mages.  He was taught the ways of the ancient orient and the magic of the Jade emperor.  He traveled to Tibet to learn the way of solitude and the isolation magic that comes from within.  It is the magic upon which monks strive.  He traveled to Persia where sorcery flows water.  He traveled to Egypt and we all know that Egypt has some of the most serious magic in the world, passed down by ancient Sumerians and obtained by other-worldly factors.  He also traveled to Greece to attend the heralded mystery school where he learned to control thought forms in an effort to create his own magic.  He went to see the seers and the Seven Sages of the World who taught him how to control destiny and time.  When he returned to Nazareth and the area that people picture Jesus being "from" he meditated for 40 days and 40 nights and God finally opened up his Christ Consciousness.  He then sent him on his way to see John the Baptist for a baptism, in which the holy spirit ascended Earth like a Dove; and to put in today's terminology, it was on like Donkey Kong.  He traveled the world preaching God's word in parables in an effort to collect and retain as many souls as he could for the next cycle where God would return to Earth-- the New Jerusalem.

So the story comes full circle.  God has hidden the powers that we need to be exactly like Him-- to open up our own Christ Consciousness-- here on Earth.  They are extraordinary powers, but they are well hidden and are in the corners of the world, kind of like the one piece you need to win on McDonald's Monopoly.  If your from Miami, unless your driving to Fresno to eat a Big Mac, you aren't winning.  My point is, in order to have the power you have to put a little bit of effort into, which is why people today do not recognize this power and why the power has all but gone defunct.  However, it's still there.  With this piece, you will pull the powers to you.  When you put the piece on, the powers will begin to be pulled and funnel into this item like a gigantic tornado.  Of course, you will not be able to see it, but you will be able to feel the energy of the powers as they are given to you.  It's really weird how it works to, because one day you will go to be with your piece on, and the next day you will just wake up knowing how to levitate or raise people from the dead.  It's really that simple.  The most important part to remember with this piece is that is only works while you are wearing it.  So, if you take it off, the powers will cease to come and will resume next time you are wearing it.

Once all the powers have been deposited into your piece, your Christ Consciousness will be open to you and you will truly understand the literal context of what it means to be born in the image of God.  This is because you will his powers in the raw. They will be yours for the taking.  I'm by no means suggesting you will the next Jesus or as powerful as Jesus. That's absurd.  He's the messiah.  I'm just saying you gain powers that are like those of Jesus and God, just not as epic in proportion.  However, they will be much stronger than any power that you've experienced on the face of this planet. 

To bring this story full circle, the ability that you are getting is the awakening that everyone will receive in the New Jerusalem, when Christ comes to reign on Earth.  With this piece, you just get it early-- as in now.  This is what is meant when it says that everyone will exalt God constantly.  Everyone will be so thankful that life as we know has come to and end and this new age has begun.  Or, you can attain all this magical essence and power (as described above!) right now, by acquiring this piece.  The choice is yours, but I know what I'd be doing if I were you!  Get on it!



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