We got this piece not too long ago and we are only putting it up now because we had to to test it first.   I mean, the piece was given to us from Tomer, who heard about and traveled to his native land to check out and see what hpom pm n.  As most of you already know Tomer is an eternal vampire, so when he thinks that something is worth investigating, it usually is.  Needless to say he turned up in Jerusalem, amid all the fighting and violence that is going on over there constantly, to investigate what he calls one of the biggest miracles to happen thus far this year. 

In February of 2014, reports began circling of a miracle in the Northern parts of Israel.  It came to pass that there was a Virgin Mary statue who was weeping.  The statue was weeping an oil residue, which the residents of the town couldn't identify.  Tomer showed up and he went on the offensive.  He wanted to make sure that the supposed miracles was the real deal and that there wasn't some type of hoax going on.  It's also a lot easier for him to travel on our behalf than for us to travel. He can teleport, we on the other hand, can not.  We can bilocate at very best, but it's just not the same. 

So, Tomer was off on investigation on our behalf.  He assured us that the miracle wasn't a hoax.  He staked the place out for 36 hours just to make sure that no body was tampering with the evidence.  On the contrary, Tomer said that he actually watched the Virgin begin weeping her tears herself.  While noone was really paying attention, Tomer was able to collect a vial full of the wept excretion that he took to a more appropriate location for testing.  During his testing of the liquid, he determined that the statue had been crying oil tears; not just any oil tears, though. Rather, these oil tears are comprised of the oils that were used in the tabernacle during rituals to the lord. 

Tome was able to transfer the energies of that oil, into this piece.  This item obviously contains the powers of the consecrated oil from the Tabernacle, but what does that mean to the person who gets the item?  This is a destiny piece.  It is not often that people are aware of their own destiny.  There are always decisions and choices to be made.  There are always things that we want in life.  However, how we get ourselves down the paths that we really want to travel down is sometimes the most eluding part of the process.  This piece will give you your own Northern Star, which is actually really just the angel of Destiny.  As long as you are in contact with your piece, the Angel of Destiny will be summoned automatically.  He will be intertwined with your own soul and will hear your thoughts and your inner most desires.  The Angel of Destiny will act as your "Northern Star".  It will guide you along the paths that you want to take in your life, similarly to how the Northern Star moved across the universe to guide the Magi to Baby Jesus the night he was born. 

Using this piece you can think anything you want into your destiny.  The piece will automatically pick up on the energies of your thoughts and begin to set the ball rolling on the things you want to see manifested in your life. If will give you dreams and visions of those things that are necessary to make whatever you what to happen in your life happen.  For instance, if you really see yourself being a nurse, then this piece will read that from your energy.  It will then give you divine guidance as to what your steps are and will help you along the way, giving you divine intervention to assure you are successful in all that you do.  If you want wealth, this piece will show you what to do in order to inquire lots of it.  What true love?  This piece will guarantee that you are in the right spot at the right time to find that someone you've been waiting for your entire life.   Overall, this piece will just make sure your life pans out the way you want it to. 


 This is a metal chain with a glass dropping on it.

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