This piece was given to us by Tomer, because he knows we have the means to get it somebody who is going to take good care of the piece and use it the way it is supposed to be used.  If you aren't going to take care of the piece, please don't bother because it is a one of a kind piece.  The description is brief as far was what it is going to do for you, but it probably one of the more powerful pieces that we have put on lately, so be sure to pay good attention to the item, because it will bring you a very special, powerful gift in return.  I'm not really sure how long Tomer had the piece that he brought to us, but I know if he brought it, it has to be powerful.  I mean, look at all the other pieces he's brought and/or helped with.  They are incredible, so this one is no different! 

Historically speaking, the Sumerian civilization was the first civilization to actually write words and phrases.  However, this piece proves otherwise as it contains ancient texts from near and around what would be modern day Romania.  The evidence is in a artifact that is called the Tartaria Tablets, because I'm assuming that's where they were found.  Either way, the writing on the tablets is an ancient Romanian dialect that was spoken on the time.  The dialect was written down on three tablets.  Plain and simply these tablets are ancient spells that have been written down as to not forget about them. Scientists are baffled over cracking the code, as they aren't quite sure what exactly the tablets say, but that is what we have Tomer for.  He pretty much knows everything.  This is why he gave us these pieces, which contain the original spells of the tablets.

Seeing as though the area is Romanian, it makes perfect sense that these spells summon vampires.  The first one summons a sanguine vampire.  You will gain the powers of a sanguine including including psy-op mind control, strength, agility, better senses, and you know, all those other powers that along with being a sanguine vampire.  They are ultra powerful and will come to you almost immediately after using this piece. 

The second is a white light protection vampire that will act as your guardian protector.  He is the one that will produce the white light magic that will protect you from your adversaries and all that wish you harm.  He will also enlighten your mind and give you a full psychic awakening unlike any that you've ever experienced, because it is a psychic ability that correlates directly to the realm of sanguine powers.

The last is a wealth vampire.  Who doesn't need wealth?  This vampire will go into the realms in search of wealth powers.  It will collect them and bring them back to you.  By these means will your life begin to fill up with financial well being and abundant wealth.  There really isn't much more to say about this piece except that this wealth power is serious, so get ready to chase your dreams. 

All in all this piece is a very powerful summoner piece.  Again, it holds three summoning spells from the Tartaria Tablets.  These ancient beings will come to you to completely transform your life, so get ready for the unexpected. 

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