Societal Forces Amulet

Societal Forces Amulet

This is the Secret Society Amulet like DaVinci himself created --- the spirits from the original piece were passed down through not only him, but many within the Priory of Scion and other secret societies~!
The man that I got this necklace from had a Grandfather that was a 33 Degree Freemason. There are not very many who make it that far but only those who reach past the 30th degree have the true secret teachings of the Freemason.

The Spirits in this amulet have belonged to many famous and rich people. They have been passed down since the 15th century. Some of the people who have owned this necklace include Victor Hugo, Botticelli, Isaac Newton, and countless others.

Many others have utilized and been instilled with power from this piece, such as a few billionaires on Forbes Top 100 List and other people who have owned these spirits have belonged to Skull and Bones and the Trilateral Commission.

**This is indeed a Powerful amulet ---

This amulet has many the most powerful people in the world embraced within it... their thoughts, agendas, blessings, abilities and powers --they are all rich, successful, and knowledgeable... and now you will be too!!

Societal Forces Amulet
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