How can you make 550 murdered civilians disappear?

Their deaths came literally out of the blue: "15 dead terrorists" said the offical U.S. report following a drone attack on the Pakistani region of Waziristan in April 2012. American casualities: 0 -- as with every attack. Civilian casualities: also 0.

It's numbers like these that have prompted President Obama to significantly increase the use of drones. The official death statistics confirm the effectiveness of these operations: According to a government report, between 2,400 and 2,800 people have been killed by drones in the last six years, and about 50 of them had been civilians. The rest were noted as terrorists.

But is this new incarnation of the war on terror really as guiltless as is advertised to the world publically? The answer to this question was revealed in May 2012 by the "Kill List," a document that Obama would very much like to have kept concealed, but which was leaked to the New York Times by an insider.

The contents of this document reveal why the official number of murdered civilians is so low: Obama had changed the way in which the dead are categorized. According the article, the Kill List classifies all men who are of age for military service who reside in the area being targeted by drones as insurgents and not civilians. It is only because of this definition from the U.S. government that the number of murdered civilians is so low.

Local observers on the ground, however, contend that more than 600 civilians were killed by drone attacks. War correspondent Noor Behram goes even further: "Most of the victims I have seen were women and children." He estimates on the basis of hospital reports and his own observations that for every dead extremist there are about 15 dead civilians. Obama would have loved to have kept such a statistic out of the public consciousness~!

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