Our specialty is unique items.  We specialize a variety of unique things and I can assure you that this piece is nothing short of unique.  In fact, out of all the religious items that we've ever sold, I'd have to say that this one is probably in the top 5% in the terms of power and what the item will do for you.  I don't know that I've ever personally experienced an item that is quite like this one.  However, we have it and we are now able to offer it to you. 

We all know Saint Anthony. Okay, maybe we don't all Saint Anthony.  However, when you're brought up with a strict Catholic influence, you can't really not know who Saint Anthony.  Honestly, when I first realize what this piece does and what it brings you I was very excited and I was about to buy it for myself, but I figured that would kind of be unfair.  Anyway, for those of you who aren't aware, Saint Anthony was a Saint in Padua.  He was a Doctor of the the Church who probably knew more about the scripture than any other person in history, except for maybe the people who wrote the scripture.  This means that he is a an expert in what he does and how he presents his fact.  He was Hammer of Heretics, driving out all evil and doubt.  He was the professor of Miracles and by miracles, I mean the magic of the Lord via the influence of the Holy spirit.   He spoke miracles into existence during his life, just as Christ had, with commanding authority. 

This knowledge combined with the fact that St. Anthony had no doubts about the magic that existed in the Bible itself was the reason he became such a professor of truth and knowledge.  This is why he was venerated as a Saint after his death, why he was the 2nd fasted canonized Saint ever, and why his Tongue is still a holy relic until this day.  In fact, it's so venerated that his tongue is currently on display for all to see.  It is celebrated on the day of St Anthony's feast and sought after for divine magic and wisdom.
You may be wondering what this has to do anything with the piece I'm offering.  No, I'm not offering you Saint Anthony's tongue.  That would be nearly impossible.  What I am offering you is the power of Saint Anthony's venerated tongue.  What isn't well known is that the Tongue is from time to time, the 13 Tuesdays before the feast of Saint Anthony, passed around to different parishes.  It gives the chance for each priest to become familiar with the powers that lie in this great relic.  Typically, there aren't any people that have a mind that was astute as Saint Anthony's was.  Thus, the powers of Saint Anthony are sought after but never duplicated.  The powers just have a some sort of special quality about them.  He had a special connection to God. 

Last year, Saint Anthony's Tongue was delivered to Boston a few weeks before their annual "Feast of Feasts".  The arrival of such artifacts is rarely publicized as it is a special privilege that is reserved for the leaders of the church.  Local priests, Bishops and other noteworthy religious dignitaries are informed of the date of arrival, so if they want to observe the relic, they may.  I caught wind of the arrival of relic last year and I was a last minute arrival.  It's not important how I was informed, it's a secret.  I have my sources. 

I was allowed to have a small amount of time to view the relic and feel it's power.  During this time I was able to say a duplication spell and trap the power of the tongue into this item.  I know I told you that this power is easily duplicated, but must tell you that the spell that I said was a duplication spell that was also spoken into existence by very powerful white light sorcerers during the creation of the Ark of the Covenant to duplicate certain powers into the coveted Ark.  I got the piece during and investigation and decided that I wanted to keep it just in case situations like this one arise.  I'm glad I did. 

This piece is a duplicate of the powers that are present in the venerated Tongue of Saint Anthony.  It will give your mind a level of enlightenment that will break down the barriers of impossibility.  It will, first, allow Saint Anthony into your mind.  It will give you a holy cognizance so that you may fully understand the way that white light magic works.  Next, it will give you the powers of Saint Anthony.  You will be able to use the power of his tongue to speak into the realms of Heaven.  This way you will be able to speak to angels and saints.  They will speak back to you and give you holy divination and transformation.  When you receive your holy transformation, you will then be able to perform magic on the same level of Saint Anthony.  You will gain the insight of the entire Bible and all the magic it holds within the pages of its knowledge, just like St Anthony did.  You will be able to speak miracles and powers into creation, just like Saint Anthony did while he was alive.  This is a rare occurrence and there have only been a handful of people who have been able to do it in the courses of history.

Some people may be confused by what I mean when I say speak miracles into existence.  To clarify, I just want to say, a miracle is anything that is beyond the scope of normal human comprehension.  Such as, speaking wealth into somebody's life or speaking somebody's white light transformation into effect.  You can speak white light spells and watch them take place right in front of your eyes like when Moses spoke the Seven Plagues into Egypt.  Another example, is speaking somebody's destiny, or change of destiny, into effect such as when Jesus told the blind to see and they saw or told demons to remove themselves from mortal bodies and they listened without challenge.  You can get really creative with this power as to the types of miracles you can speak into existence.  This is a very powerful privilege that is garnered out of white light and can only perform white light miracles, just for the record. 

As for Saint Anthony's Tongue.  It was sent back, even after the priests that were there tried to duplicate its powers and failed.  They had no clue I was able to do it.  I never told them, in an attempt to keep this a rare power.  This is how powerful this piece.  You will really love this one!



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