Planting Seeds of You, Universal Kundalini

The powers in this piece will put winds in your sail, and that is a guarantee.  As a matter of fact, it will put two winds in your sail.  These winds are refered to as the prana and the shakti.  They are the two driving energetic forces that move throughout the body.  These energies represent many things, but this item allows you to take a look at yourself and your existence from a Buddhist stand point.  It does not focus on manipulation the kundalini shakti, but rather mounting the powers that are already there.  With the transformation of the cosmic an nature energies that are within us all, we can unlock a multitude of spiritual potentialities.  This is why the piece that you are getting brings both types of energies to a harmonious balance.  Theprajna is the wisdom of the heart, which would typically not have much to do with the shakti, because the shakti is all spiritual energy.  Keeping that in mind, you have to get your prajnaunder control if you want to be able to use your shakti, simply because the wisdom of non-dual awareness tempers and brings harmony to the power of the kundalina shakti. 

Don't worry, I had a bit of a rough time understanding it when it was written down, too.  The point is that each body is constructed with two major types of energies.  While they are two different types of energies, you must get both of these energies to work together, if you want to go anywhere.  This is why Tibetan monks can sometimes spend their whole life in the same position seeking the state of Nirvana.  However, some of us do not have our whole lives to experience life.   I know that kind of seems like an oxymoron, but who wants to wait their ENTIRE life, just so they can figure out a cool trick that they could've been doing the entire time they were searching within for the ability to do so.  It seems much like a catch 22 to me.  This is why we set out to master the possibility of unlocking all of your spiritual potentialities at a young age, that way you can reap and enjoy the benefits of those abilities for the rest of your life, rather then getting them and not being able to use them at all.

This piece balances out the energies that exist with you, this way they work together.  It holds an ancient Tibetan formula of spiritual awakening that will help you get your energy flow right.  When you wear this pair of Buddha earrings, it reacts with your body in a way that will give yourchakras the perfect alignment.  It will open your mind's third eye.  Yes, this will give you psychic abilities.  It will relinquish the secrets of every single possible psychic ability known to man-- and then some.  However, this is not all the magic in this piece will do for you.  This piece is multi-faceted and I don't understand why people wouldn't want its powers.  They are extraordinary!  

Secondly, this piece will allow you leave your body and travel along the chakra lines of the universe.  Just as humans have chakra lines, so does the universe.  When the universalchakras are aligned, the all of existence will take part in the universal awareness, but until then we can dream.  Either way, you will be able to travel along this chakra system to take many different forms of existence.  What I mean is, as you discover other forms of existence, you will be able to take that form.  So, if you encounter an alien, you will be able to take that form.  If you encounter another humanoid race somewhere on, oh lets' say Jupiter, it will allow you to assume the form.  The most important part is that it will allow you to plant your energy seed in this form of existence, in the world of existence you are in.  This will generate a "self" that will remain in whatever realm of existence you are in.  It will, obviously, take the form of whatever creatures you encounter, but this "self" will one of your own.  You can go around to the different places you discover, planting your spiritual seed and building a network of "selves"  

When you come back to Earth, you will assume your natural human form, however you will still have a psychic connection to any and all "self" forms that you out there in the universe.  This way, you will exist as one solid state, universal mind, but also as many minds across a vast spectrum.  This will allow you to always have knowledge and magic of every single place you have ever visited, accessible at any time you want, without actually having to be there!  So go ahead-- receive your spiritual awakening, heal your soul by aligning your chakras, and the travel to ANY part of the universe you want along the universal chakra system.  Then, plant your seeds and become omnipotent!  The powers you will gain are unlimited and the potential for power never runs out!  This is the perfect piece for those of you who feel adventurous, but we only have one.  I guarantee this piece won't be around for long!  Better secure it for yourselves today!! 

Planting Seeds of You, Universal Kundalini
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