Paulding Light,Paws At Your Soul

Paulding Light<br /><br />

The Paulding Light has been rumored to be a railroad brakeman who haunts the woods in the small town in Michigan.  It has been caught on video and camera several times.  Despite this, the true story behind the Paulding Light has not been concretely proven.  Ripley's had even offered a reward of over $100,000 to the person who could prove the origins of the anomaly.  Nobody has been able to. <br /><br />

That is, nobody has been able to solve the riddle behind the Paulding Light until we showed up.  These lights have been seen for over a decade by locals, who haven't been able to come with a solid explanation, either.  The lights, which are red, Green, and white.  The lights linger on the horizon of the small town until they apparently burn out of sight. <br /><br />

We visited Paulding and were able to witness the Paulding Light firsthand.  It was a pretty amazing experience.  I can tell you now, that arriving in the small town is an energetic rush.  There is a lot of spiritual and celestial activity going on in Paulding, and we were determined to figure it out.<br /><br /> 

On an especially clear night we began hiking up the side of a wooded mountain, to see if we could possibly get a better view.  Almost out of nowhere, a sound like a gushing river or a heavy wind began to resonate from the tree tops.  Not more than five yards in front of us, a white spherical ball began to take form.  The ball took form until it was about eight feet high and four feet wide.  The mass glowed with astounding brightness that almost made it impossible to see.  We snuck forward until we were actually part of the mass, standing in the light that illuminated the forest. <br /><br />

Under the influence of white light, we were given direct vision into a kingdom of angelic hosts.  We saw their faces, knew their knowledge, and learned their magic immediately.  The new powers that were given to us, were given quickly, like as sudden as a flash of lightning and equally as powerful.  <br /><br />

After obtaining energy and summoning it into these pieces, we were immediately able to determining that Paulding, Michigan is an astral re-entry point for these angelic beings.  The lights that appear are spirits traveling through from their plane to ours, to share their vast network of white light knowledge and powers.  Unfortunately, human consciousness has declined so rapidly, we neglect to recognize what these lights really are.  Most times we just stand in wonderment, asking ourselves, "Wow... how is that possible?"  or drooling "Ahhh, preeettttyyy..."  <br /><br />

This piece is going to do several things for you.  It's going to unlock your third, making you capable of the acquisition of any type of spiritual power-- or any power for that matter.  When you wear this item, it is going to bond with your soul.  It obtains the powers of the Pauling Lights.  It will bring you your own separate spiritual light, which will not only allow you to peer into the kingdom of angelic hosts, but also to bring a guardian host back with you. <br /><br />

The angelic host will come to you, giving you energetic celestial power.  It will appear in any form that you choose, and will guide your life to success and fortune.  We tested these pieces and let me just say... they work phenomenally-- no pun intended!!   <br /><br />

This item is for those seeking to cleanse,have protection and move to a higher level of spiritual being. This is not a game item or the look what I have item but rather a piece that moves one forward and gives power along with wisdom and purity. We do have more then one,just ask and you may pick from a necklace,pendant,earrings or bracelet. Please email me directly because I keep these in an area alone as I don't want themm picking up other energy. When you buy yours it needs to be stored alone as well.

Paulding Light,Paws At Your Soul
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