Okay, so let me just preface this by saying that our government are hapless liars.  Well, most of them anyway.  They recently released a statement saying that in the year 2016 they will releasing OSIRIS-REx (which is an acronyms for origins spectral interpretation resource identification security- Regolith Explorer) into space.  For what purpose?  You know, to teach our scientists more about the process by which planets are created and also to teach scientists the adverse reactions that such asteroids have to Earth. The asteroids name?  Bennu.  Actually it's technical name is 1999-RQ36, but it is also known as 101955 Bennu.  I'm not sure what all those letters and numbers stand for, but that's what they call it.  I call it Bennu for short.  I like the way it sounds better. So... the scientists are all raring and tearing and ready to get this project on the road.  There's just one thing that they forgot to mention that clearly sticks out in the photos and video footage of the asteroid... the giant pyramid on the face of its surface! 

Although there are clearly no measurements for the pyramid on the asteroid, you can see in the footage that the pyramid has to be impressive in size.  What is the pyramid then?  Maybe that's what the government is setting out to do-- to explore these archaeological finds.  Oh, wait.  Remember the part where I said our government was liars?  I wasn't kidding.  The fact of the matter is that although they are talking about plans to explore the asteroid via satellite, they have already sent people up to explore the actually pyramid itself.  The result of their survey is classified information, but you know that we always have our way of finding things out way before most people do, if they ever do.  This piece is one of a collection that is exclusive.  It was taken from the Pentagon via a source that we have there.  It was give to us and we were able to activate the powers within.  After using this piece, you will never view your life again.  The truth is that we aren't the only form of existence in the universe as most humans tend to think.

This piece is a transponder piece that was made with the energy that was found in the capstone of the asteroid.  Obviously, this piece was fabricated on purpose, because it's a human item.  The item was taken with for the purpose of power acquisition.  And acquire they did!  As with all pyramids, most of the power and the brains and life of the pyramid is stored in the capstone.  The pyramid on Bennu is no different.  In fact, the capstone on this asteroid is incredibly active with a source of energy that probably equals that of ten times the capstone on the pyramids of Giza.  You can tell by the energy that radiates from this item that there is some serious power in this piece.  Then again, it's not everyday that you get to use a piece that transponds to the original paradigm that ancient visitors brought with them to give to the Egyptians.

Using this piece you will gain the universal knowledge of the capstone of pyramid that was found on the asteroid Bennu.  This pyramid has not been used as a burial grounds for extraterrestrial beings.  Rather, it is a store house of information for that race of extraterrestrials.  It is literally the brains and inner workings of sorcery that predates any form of Egyptian magic that you could possible think of.  It is the sorcery that was brought by alien visitors and given to the Egyptians, which the Egyptians translated into the knowledge and magic we all know that they've possessed for millenia. The capstone is used as a communication piece for those beings who have been enlightened enough to be able to receive their intergalactic messages.  It's a sort of extraterrestrial time capsule if you will.  However, people of Earth have never seen anything like this before, which is why our government secretly hoards this information and power. 

With this piece you will gain a psychic intuition that will give you a direct correspondence to the capstone of this pyramid.  This will give you a myriad knowledge and sorcery that is better than Egyptian magic because it is the origins of Egyptian magic.  Everyone always wants to know how the Egyptians rose to such great power and where they got all there magic from.  The powers and magic in this piece are the beginning to it all.  They are the pure form of sorcery that was used to shape and design any and all magic that is an off-branching of Egyptian knowledge including that of the Illuminati.  It is funny how these things come full circle, is it not?  Either way, you don't want to miss out on this item, it will be magical history in the making!


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