This Dagger is in great condition and has been checked out to be entirely authentic. There are no replaced parts and even the Bakelite handle is looking good.
The blade is stamped ALCOSA and then underneath that is stamped SOLINGEN.
Everything else you can see from the pictures and ask any questions you might have.
This came from a still living Nazi in Pa. I also had this checked out by an expert in Pa that only collects this type of stuff. I knew it was real anyway because I know the lady.  She is 90 something years old and she owed me money. I did not know she was a Nazi even though three others I know told me she was. She seemed nice but then I got to talking to her and realized she is pretty screwed up. This belonged to her husband but she too was also a Nazi but I don't know what she did as far as her job went. She even has full uniforms from her husband,she said her husband was an officer so I'm guessing this is an officers dagger. I might get the uniforms from her but I have to do a few things for her first and I really don't like dealing with her. I do like the history though so just to hear her talk I might. Maybe next week you can look for those. The problem with going over there is that I feel she needs to be turned in as she is still evil but other people that I know feel sorry for her but only because she is 90 plus years old so we fight about it all the time.
If your wondering how I meet these people it is easy. I live in New Jersey and Pa and there are so many Nazi's here because for whatever reason they fled here. They caught one that lived across the street from me in Mayslanding. You can look it up online. This was a few years back and he was a very nice man. I never even knew it. He was in his 80's at the time. He got caught because of his granddaughter.
One of the most unusual items I got was of this guy from NY who was in Germany to go to school to be a doctor. He was sending letters to his girlfriend and a Valentine card that was from Hitler,he was a Jew.  Then in his diary he said that he had to get out because he could no longer go to school because he was a Jew. Then next his diary was talking as if he was being careful about what he said. I don't know if he died or not.
Also if some of you are interested I have letters written by soldiers that are very interesting but they will not be "politically correct" I don't want to end up like Paula Dean as there is a double standard today.
I will be listing those as I'm sick and tired of history being changed to fit the needs or hissy fits of the government. History is history and it's important.
I don't condone what the Nazi'z did but it is history.
Good Luck with bidding. If your looking for something in particular, ask and I will be on the look out for it.
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