WEALTH STONE<br /><br />

Each individual is in a process of evolution and in the process has to go through the grind of countless births and rebirths to learn vital lessons and attain perfection. Millions fail and fall down the ladder regularly owing to karmic blunders and lack of wisdom. <br /><br />

The human body and soul are an integral part of the cosmic setup and as such are recipients of constant energy, this is your life force. Negative planetary influences manifest as an individuals cosmic portfolio to cause interruption in the smooth passage of life energy. Ancient Vedic seers through their divine knowledge revealed various remedial measures to propitiate the cosmic forces/planetary cabinet for the benefit of humanity; the primary being Tantra, Vedanta, Gem Therapy and Ayurveda.<br /><br />

The healing powers of natural and pure Earth stones are high held in high esteem in the astrological and spiritual fraternity due to its practical and easy implementation. As we know matter is condensed energy. The seers found the colors of the planets and the gems, which inherit those colors. They also found that having the appropriate gem helps to enhance the power of a good planet and reduce the malfeasance of bad ones. <br /><br />

This green oblique piece of stone is heritage to wealth and prosperity. Wealth is reserved for you on your path from the time of birth. The blessings will be dispersed at a certain time, which may be through business, job or just plain inheritance. Astrology is the medium that identifies the magnitude and time frames of success~ <br /><br />

You can alter this channel of dispersion if you encounter a blessing from a natural piece, such as this one we have available! This piece gives you an advanced state of 'evolution' and is trusted by the divine cosmic fraternity and hence is given the liberty of 'free will' whereby you will have great potential at your disposal.<br /><br />

Your creativity, vision and hard work will give a momentous direction to the future.Many talents will be bestowed upon you that will bring forth a significant impact on society and humanity. The energies in this piece increases intelligence and brain power. It improves faculties related to brain such as memory, communication, perception, the intellect and the capability to learn. It helps the person, who owns it, to focus on the brighter side of life even through the times of high stress. <br /><br />

Its property, as a healer, is considered to be used as the remedy to cure the problems caused by excited modern life. It relieves stress and provides clarity joint with pleasant feeling of relaxation, harmony and joy of life. This interpretation of change in your life will vast the out-pour of riches and extreme wealth upon you.<br /><br />

It is rare to find a stone that will allow channeling through the natural remnants of the Earth, yet alone one that holds pure energies of monetary blessings~! We cannot say enough about the enchantment that is held within this piece --- it is your token emblem to ultimate wealth, prosperity and success!<br /><br />

**Testers also found that the energies are so strong that the stone can be used to charge other emblems with residual monetary blessings; do not miss this one!<br /><br />

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