The first occurrence of the creature that is documented in this listing occurred in Japanese legend.  The creature is called a mujina.  It is a creature with no face, who can take the shape and form of anything that is so desires.  For instance, a famous mujina in Japanese history was named Kozo.  He took the form of a monk and traveled the dark roads at night asking strangers for water or tea.  If the passersby gave him what he requested he would bless them with abundance.  If the did not then they'd be cursed accordingly. 

Japanese immigrants to Hawaii brought these creatures with them.  In 1959 a woman reportedly had an encounter with a mujina at a drive-in move theater in Kahala.  The woman claims that she went into a bathroom and noticed another woman sitting in the bathroom with long read hair.  she was combing her hair as the women went about her business.  Before the woman left she looked over at the other red-headed woman combing her hair noticed that she had a blank face, without a single facial feature.  The "normal" woman was sent to a mental ward where she had a breakdown and hasn't bee the same since-- but she should've remember never to judge a book by its cover.  Just because you see something unknown doesn't necessarily make it bad.  It may be creepy, but just go with it. 

Either way, once these creatures were brought over to Hawaii, they began migrating to the rest of the united states.  I don't know how many of them there are.  I know they are rare but I don't know how rare.  This piece comes a result of an investigation we did in Maryland where reports of this same creature, of course nobody really knew the name of it, were circulating.  Apparently it was some local thing that the new wouldn't entertain, and I only knew about it because my godson and his mother live outside of Baltimore. 

Immediately after hearing about the incident about one of the faceless ones being sited in the woods somewhere, I was all about that investigation.  After all, these creatures exhibit some of the most original and powerful shapeshifting abilities that are known to the world of the supernatural.  The investigation was as success and I wound up with a piece that I enchanted with the powers of the Maryland Mujina, as I am calling it, after making contact with it.  Being as though it has no mouth I had to communicate with it in telepathic vibes, in which I told the mujina that I was merely out to make contact for the simple fact that I was curious as to the powers that it possesses that allows them to shapeshift into anything they want.... This is how I ended up with this piece, because the mujina shared the wealth. 

This is a shapeshifting piece that has been empowered by an original mujina, the faceless ones.  With this piece you will be able to take on the powers of a mujina, which means you will open up the full ability of telepathy and psychic communication.  Most importantly, you will be allowed to take on the form of anything whose energy you can pick up on psychically.  This means that as long as there is one of these creatures in the vicinity... the shapeshifting game is on!  You can use this piece to shapeshift into anything a vampire, werewolf, witch, wizard, another human, or any other supernatural being.  The best part is that once you connect to a creature psychically once, you don't have to ever do it again.  It gets stored in like a memory bank inside the piece.  The possibilities and magic are endless!

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