It is pretty much a fact that Christ's existence is Cyclic.  He has come to the Earth and was sent back up into Heaven until the end of times when he will return in a new, valiant form when the metamorphosis of the world will have been completed.  It will be during his return the new kingdom of Jerusalem will fall to Earth.  All of Christ's followers and believers will exist in their perfect Heavenly form inside the new city, which will envelop literally the whole world.  Those people who refuse to accept Christ as their savior will be sent to the lake of fire, I suppose.  The point is, the fact that this is going to happen illustrates that the last time Christ came to Earth as the Messiah was not his last trip to Earth.  He will be here again, in a evolved, more splendid form.  Nor was it his first visit to Earth.  He was here at least once before in the flesh, in a different body, as the same presence. 

The first time around, he was called by the name Melchizedek and was an ancient Priest-King of Salem, the city that would eventually become Jerusalem.  The fact of the matter is that whomever pieced together the Bible as we read it today kept this part out for whatever reason.  In this version of the Bible there are scant references to the man named Melchizedek.  If you ask me, it's most likely one big conspiracy to cover up their "perfect scenario" fate of the world, because nobody really knows, for sure, what is to happen.  The nobility needed something to appease the mind of the people and to keep them from gaining too much power to wager a takeover of those who oppressed them.  However, as Karl Marx once suggested, "Religion is the opiate of the people," meaning it inspires people to have a purpose to living.  Thus, the people who crafted the Bible-- the nobility, the educated, the only people who had the means-- could create it in such a way to dictate to the masses the way they had to act in a way consistent to their teachings.

Christ in his pure form is cyclic in nature.  He was here twice before and he will be again and maybe he'll be here after that.  The truth is there really is no telling what the future holds.  Things just kind of happen all at once.  The first time Christ was here, as I have already mentioned, he was Melchizedek, who was a high priest of Gnostic Christianity, not Christianity as the way we view it today-- it's changed a lot from its roots.  Melchizedek was the proto-messiah who was also born of a virgin.  Christian texts say so.  This signifies an older covenant with God; so then, this signifies and older covenant with God.  Where is the evidence of this in modern religion?  If we believe in something should we not believe in it in it's entirety, not just want other people want us to believe?  I'll let you judge for yourself. 

Melchizedek was an ancient scholar, who was the evolutionary succession of deification manifestations, meaning that he is all the power of God, in full mortal form, who is yet immortal because he keeps on becoming reborn, taking new forms, and returning to the world.  In his cycle as Melchizedek he was a grand master of gnostic magic, which has been distributed to other high ranking white light individuals, such as Abraham, Moses, Aaron, Noah, Elijah, Elisha, and the many other great prophets of the Bible.  These became the original founders of the original true form of Freemasonry and the Rosicrucianism.  It was these people, the people who were founded and taught on the basis of God's true white light magic that are to thank for these modern day anomalies of magic and secrecy and wizardry and sorcery.  God's true power came in the form of Gnostic magic which was given to Melchizedek to manifest on Earth as a gift of knowledge to the people.  Abraham was Melchizedek's first convert and the rest was history via the three branches of major Abrahamic religions. 

Now, going back to the Karl Marx theory, the people who this power was given to eventually perverted the powers.  This is why we have corruption in institutions such as the Anglican Communion, Roman Catholicism, and Eastern Orthodoxy.  It is because the Bible was drafted with political purposes in mind.  Some people might not like that I'm saying that, but it's the truth.  The Bible was crafted by man solely for political purposes, in an attempt to get the people to react in a way that they wanted them to by promising eternal death to in a lake of fire for those who didn't go along with exactly what they had to say.  I'm not saying that there aren't truths and purpose to the Bible, because there are many great truths in the Bible.  What I'm saying is that there is so much more to know that has been hidden from us.  It was original the responsibility of the fathers of the church such as Abraham to pass down the knowledge to the people.  Somewhere the roles got switched and now those who share the great secret that was brought by Melchizedek, the secret that is the real truth to God's gnostic, magical existence and the fact that his incarnate form is cyclic, not once and done.  This is what is meant by eternity.  We have a eternal God that is full of eternal truths.  We need to embrace them, not shun them because somebody in a higher-up position is afraid we might catch on! 

This item that I am offering is the ultimate eye-opening experience.  It's not even important where it came from, because that's not the point I'm trying to get across.  The point I'm trying to make is that this piece opens your eyes to the true nature of God-- the fact that his true existence is being hidden from us in modern religious contexts.  There is so much more to God and Christ than we can possibly understand because we haven't had the opportunity because most people live in fear of speaking up against the "traditional" way of thinking for fear of being called a heretic.  Listen, if you never venture into the dark, you can never take the light there.  This piece gives you the chance to experience God in a face-to-face fashion.  It will allow you to venture the true time annals of God.  It will show you is cyclic nature.  It will allow you to experience all the forms that Christ has ever taken. 

This piece will allow you know and use the Gnostic, white light magic that is truly God's.  It will give you all of these powers and allow you to exist as if you yourself were an incarnate version of God.  What this means is that you will be given ALL the secrets and the eternal truths to Gnostic magic and you will be able to command this magic as if you were God and, after all, He is the one who created.   This is exciting because it will not only allow you to know the truth of what it means to be human-- a creation that God used his gnosticism to create-- but it will allow you the knowledge of spells, geometric magic, alchemy, sorcery, and any other word that people use to describe magic.  The fact of the matter is these words came later.  This piece gives you the free form energy that has allowed for the creation of ANY type of magic that exists upon the face of the Earth.  It is the energy that is required to create any type of magical power that you desire to make-- it's bar no holds, balls to the wall magic in it's original form as God intended to give to his people that has been hidden from us almost since the beginning of time.  Use this piece to open your eyes!!



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