Lincoln's Reaper

We found this piece at a consignment sale that we stopped at on the way to an investigation in North Carolina.  The investigation in NC didn't prove to be a fruitful one.  Rather, it was kind of a waste of time, because it was merely some overly superstitious teenagers that thought they were seeing hooded figures leaving and abandoned church.  Oh well, the drive was fun and we got a little bit more than we bargained for anyhow.  In fact, we came up with this piece, which is a testament to superstitious beliefs in and of itself.  Actually, it dictates that not everything we believe is superstitious.  Sometimes the legends and tall tales of yesterday carry a validity, which is the case in this piece.  

Listen, just about every president or dignitary has some sort of dream or visions.  Usually it is coined in terms of a vision they have for the future of our country.  They want to make things better, or perhaps worse in the case of the current regime of domestic terrorists we have in the White House.  Either way, when Abe Lincoln had a a vision, he literally meant it.

On the day Abe Lincoln was elected president, he sat down on the couch with the sole intention of taking a refreshing afternoon nape.  Instead, he caught site of himself in a mirror.  There were two versions of himself, according to Honest Abe.  There was one in which he appeared normal.  Then, there was the on in which he appeared ghastly and opaque kind of like a ghost or a ghoul of sorts.  He ran to tell his wife, but when his wife looked into the mirror she saw nothing.  He was certain of what he saw, though and the Lincolns came to believe that the vision that Abe saw meant that he would only serve one term in office.  You know, political death, not actually death.  

Well, they couldn't have been more wrong.  After the vision things grew tough for the Lincolns.  Their children began dying at a young ages.  His wife became deathly ill for a spell.  To top things off, the whole country was at war with itself during Lincoln's presidency.  As the war began to near its end, Lincoln confided to his good friend Ward Hill Lamon that he had a strange dream that he had.  In the dream Abe pretty much predicted his own demise, stating that the people were crying because there was somebody dead in the white house.  

Much in the style of the Last Supper, Abe called for a meeting of his cabinet three days later.  He told his cabinet that before long they would be receiving bad news.  Mind you, nobody had a clue about the planned assassination pot that was brewing like veggies in a stew.  He told them about the dream and then confessed that he had had another dream.  He told them that he hard dreamed three times that he was alone in a boat, boundless in the ocean with no oars or rudder.   "I am helpless.  I drift!", exclaimed Abe.  

He continued the meeting in manner or normalcy, however it was later that evening that he would make his fateful trip to the Ford's Theatre.  The rest is pretty much history.  Now, we are resurrecting that history because it seems that in his life Abe was not living the life a normal person, but rather the life of a vessel to whom was attached the Grim Reaper.  Now, you may tell me that the Grim Reaper is not real.  You may say that he is rather a figure and not the real thing; but I assure you that the Reaper is real.  He is an employed Angel of Death and has the full strength to attach himself to who he will.  

When we arrived at the consignment shop, Deedee immediately began to get a migraine.  She gets these from time to time, but this one was different because it popped up-- literally-- out of nowhere.  She got the headache only as we left the car and made our way into the archaic building their handmade signs that read, "CONSIGNMENT SALE."  Ultimately, she went into a state psychic vision during which she recounted the entire life of Abe Lincoln and the Reaper-- the Angel of Death-- that had attached itself to Abe's life.  It was rather tragic when you step back to think about it.  Here was Lincoln attempting to make a difference, but was fulfilling the destiny of the Grim Reaper, who for some reason was causing war to destroy America.  Maybe it was supposed to be the beginning of the End for America.  Somebody eventually found out and killed him, because it was the only way that could have ended it for him.  Otherwise it would have inflicted him worse and who knows how bad things for Abe-- and the country-- would have gotten.  

The vision led Deedee to this item.  This item is a mirror gazing item.  Just as Abe had his first vision in a mirror, this item calls upon Abe's soul to give you his powers and strengths.  It allows you to gaze into the mirror.  You can ask the mirror a question-- any question!!-- and it will play out the answer for you as if you were watching an old school Nickelodeon.  For instance, when we were using this item, we asked the mirror in the bathroom at the Motel Room we were staying at which route would be easier to take home.  It showed us the normal route that we would have normally taken.  However, it then showed a huge pile up right near the Pennsylvania-Maryland border.  It showed the car we were in running right into the side of a tanker and exploding.  Thus, we took a different route home and were fine.  We also asked it which machines to play at the casino and it showed us playing on ones in which we lost all of our money and then ones which we would win substantial earnings.  Lo and behold, these visions were both correct!  This piece is amazing!! 

The power in this piece has been given via the Angel of Death and his ability to affect destiny and cause death-- or life if he chooses.  Not a lot of people know that he actually has the ability to bring things to life too.  He is a very powerful necromancer and his the ability of his to hold prophecy have been set into this piece.  It is extremely powerful!


I personally do not like Lincoln and never have, He was a sadistic bastard and that is why Obama likes him. ODimbo has said as he walks the halls of the White House how he reflects on him. You would understand why if you really knew Lincoln's politics. Enough said about that. Either way this is one hell of a Grim piece. This reflects the fast flght of death and birth. The pin is in 10k Yellow Gold. To make sure no one is confused,you wear this and then look into the mirror. I would also wear it while getting money as it comes super fast. Like lightening in fact.

Lincoln's Reaper
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