When this grave was originally discovered by experts, they believed it to be a British execution cemetery.  The bodies date to the end of the 900s and mass execution graves were common in those days.  In fact under a king known as Edgar the Peaceful 3% of the country's population were executed and dumped in such graves.  Kind of ironic considering he was called Edgar the Peaceful. Doesn't seem very peaceful to me, but then again, if they were committing crimes, who am I to judge?  Love live the king. 

Either way, the archaeologists on this team quickly rescinded their statement and realized the the execution theory didn't fit.  Why you ask? The men in the grave had been killed violently, not in an executive manner.  They'd also met the end of their days in a variety of way.  Twelve of them had been stabbed in the back.  Twenty-seven of them had broken skulls.  Twenty of them showed injuries to the spines and pelvic bones as if they'd been crushed.  Many of them had suffered severe burns to the upper halves of their bodies.  This was more like all out war, if you ask me. 

The most bizarre part of the whole thing is that the men fit a common profile.  They were all ages 16 to 35.  They were built very well, all of them being very much brawnier than an average citizen.  The scientists originally pondered the fact that they had discovered the burial sight of vikings.  I mean, I suppose this would be quite possible.  Vikings are larger than average.  However, I have proof that the Viking theory was just something that was publicized in an effort to cover up mass hysteria that vampires are real and they live among us, even unto this day.  The vampire "epidemic" as it was so commonly referred to in higher circles in those days had reached an all time high.  Mere mortals were both envious and fearful of the powers that these immortal beings contained, so they lured this bunch into a situation during which a mass killing was initiated. How they managed to beat the vampires, I have no clue, because vampires would win over humans any day.  I mean they could be severely outnumbered and still win.  I've witnessed it happening before.  This leads me to believe that there was some serious sorcery going on that must have frozen the vampires in their tracks for some reason; and, again what were these vampires all doing at the same place at the same time.  There are many questions that shroud this piece in mystery.  However, I'm going to let you figure that one out for yourself. 

The fact of the matter is that the archaeologists were clueless but the descendants of the royal bloodline knew exactly what was transpiring here.  The scientist had unearthed a vampire vault, from which the vampire souls had escaped.  They hired someone to seek out each individual vampire soul one by one.   They then entrapped the vampires into a piece that they had kept in a disclosed location inside Clarence House.  They them here so that way the vampires couldn't exact revenge.

Somebody has changed all that, however. They took away the royal family's little security blanket when the vampire vessel went missing from their confines.  Somehow we ended up with the piece, but I'm not really at liberty to tell anyone how.  We have this piece and it is what it is.  It's pretty much take it for what it's worth.  We have it and now we are offering it.  Let's get down to the juicy part shall we??

This is a very lucrative piece.  It offers 34 of the most powerful vampires that we have ever seen and that you will most likely see in your lifetime as well. I mean Tomer is the absolute best vampire we've ever met, I think, but these vamps aren't far behind him.  He even tested this piece and told us that himself.  He confirmed what we we confirmed when testing this piece.  Each vampire will provide you with an exclusive sanguine power.  I could tell you what these 34 powers are, but where's the fun in that?  You must bond with this item and the entities which it entails in order to manifest the powers.  They won't all come at once, but one by one.  It will start with the weakest gifted vampire. 

Then, when you have bonded with him and mastered his skill, you will move "up the ladder" so to speak.  In this way, you will grow evolve in power as you become closer and closer to your entire legion of vampires.  They will become like your family and you will become like them.  The powers in this piece are by no means subtle and you will notice them take effect as your life changes into a supernatural phenomena that I'm sure not even I could have dreamed of for you.  The question is are ready to take on the power?  If you are, this is your piece!   

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