At the young age of twelve, Solomon took over for his Father, King David.  King David was one of God's favorite, so he bestowed his love for David upon the child Kind, Solomon.  His name was originally called Jedadiah, meaning, "friend of God."  It was later changed to Solomon to signify the great time of peace the Israel knew under the rule of Kind Solomon.  His other three names were Ben, Jaken, and Ithiel.  Ben was his name because he was the builder of Temples. Jakeh was his name because he was the proclaimed ruler of the whole world.  Ithiel was his name because God was with him. 

Whatever you prefer to call him, there is no doubting that Kind Solomon was one of the most powerful men in the history.  He attributed to building the very first Temple of the Lord, for which nobody knows the exact location.  All we know is that is was in the desert somewhere between the Genesis of the Jews form Egypt to there they came to rest, which is the country of Egypt today.  This leads people to believe it was somewhere in what is modern day Saudi Arabia and we all know there is plenty of desert there. 

During his construction of the first Temple, he accidentally unearthed an ancient chamber of spirits that would become known as Djinn.  These djinn were magical and Solomon knew it, because aside from being the King of Israel, Solomon had an infatuation with all types of magic.  He was no stranger to djinn of all types.  It is a mass misconception that all djinn are demons.  Not true.  They can be demon-type creatures, yes.  In general, though, they are simply spirits born out of smoke and flame.  Anyway, he found these djinn, under whom he place a captivity spell so he could use their magic to construct his God's First Temple.

God wasn't please with the fact that Solomon used magic that wasn't from the realm of Heaven, which is why he eventually let the Temple disappear and slip into--literally-- the sands of time.  It doesn't change the fact that the djinn were under the captivity spell until the Temple was built; and from what I understand the Temple quite Grand.  He release all the Djinn except for two when he was finished.  The last two were placed in a piece together and told by Solomon the the Djinn who practices the best magic will be released and the other shall remain hostage forever. 

Thus, the two djinn are still attached to this piece, practicing the fiercest version of their magic that they possibly can.  The piece itself has been reborn over the years to take more contemporary looks, such as the piece that is matched to this listing.  The fact that these two djinn are locked in an intense, raging battle for supremacy is a huge win for you.  With this item, you receive these two, ancient, dueling djinn.  They will do whatever you ask of them.  They can literally anything.  The are deadlocked in a battle that will never end.  I don't think the realize this, but that's okay, because they are willing to defy all odds to give you whatever you want whether that's wealth, the ability to shape shift, the ability to time/space travel, the ability to create other realms, the ability travel to other realms that already exist, or the ability to garner other magical powers.  These djinn will literally bring you whatever power/capability/magic/etc. that you want in an attempt to prove that they are stronger than the other. 



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