These are the Jingle Dolls of White light and Re-incarnation. These were done using what is called Frankenstein Science. This science is fringe and not normally accepted by the main stream. Main stream or not fringe is where we get most of our break throughs from. These are heads used to capture the intellect as well as the spirit of the passed on after they saw what was on the other side. Not just wanting to just learn about the other side but to find out if re-incarnation was indeed real. This was done the same way that the dead were weighted as soon as they passed. It was found that the body would lose about one pound at certain death. This was the soul leaving the body. This would also explain that heavy feeling when a darker spirit is around,the weight combined with the energy is what we often feel but can't see. The difference with this is that the doll heads were placed at the site of death but an electrical charge was also placed into the air. This was so the spirit would for sure come back. Inside of these dolls is pure energy that will enable you to see the past of your lives. To use these pieces you would hold the stick in both hands and move your hands back and forth making the dolls spin and jingle. This will induce a trance state for the eyes and open you to where you may see. You will watch entire movies and know what is going as if you were there. You will also gain the power of that person even though it is or was you in another life. This will also act as if you were passed on and give you the power of the spirit world. I only have two and I have tested them myself. I know exactly who I was back in the 1500's now. You will get one,boy or girl it really doesn't matter. They also come with protection spirits so you are safe all the time.
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