Island of the Dolls

The story surrounding island of the dolls is pretty much pure tragedy.  The Island's only occupant, Don Julian Santana, was dismayed after finding the body of a drowned girl some 50 years ago.  He was haunted by her death, so he began hanging up dolls all over the island as a means to appease the poor girl's soul and keep her happy in death.  They also served as talismans to protect the island from further tragedy.  It came to pass that in his many years on the island alone, Mr. Santana became quite the adept in magic.  Maybe this was his whole goal all along, or maybe he just liked living a seclusive lifestyle.  He'll never be able to tell, because in 2001 he suffered the same fate as his dolls, when relatives who came to visit found Santana hanging from a tree.  

After thorough investigation of the island, it has been determined that the dolls the Santana was hanging were spirit portals into which protection spirits, such as angels, had been summoned.  He did this to protect the soul of the girl who had drowned nearby.  He also spent many years trying to bring her back to life via one of his dolls, but he wasn't able to, because she was unwilling to come.  I guess she had finally found peace on the other side?  I don't know.  In a final attempt at resurrecting the girl, Santana (who had clearly become a little bit obsessed) hung himself in a ritual, offering his body as the ultimate sacrifice.  The girls still didn't come.  I imagine maybe they are together in the afterlife enjoying each other's company.  I'm not quite sure of that.  What I am sure of is that this collection of pieces contains the summoning power of the magic of Don Julian Santana.  You can use this piece to animate your own dolls that you have.  This means that you with this piece, you will be given the rare ability to summon any type of entity into your doll, whether it be angel, a djinn, the spirit of a past loved one, one of your ancestors, etc.  You can use this piece to facilitate open dialogue and to obtain any powers that are associated with the spirit that you conjure.  It's a very powerful, and precisely effective piece-- unless you have a temperamental spirit that refuses to obey.  They, you can just summon a new one, as this piece can be used an unlimited amount of times. 

Island of the Dolls
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