A few years ago in India it rained red. This can happen where stranger things rain down like frogs and all sorts of things. This was much different because this had living cells and also DNA which was alien. So it seems that we have been seeded as some speak about. But this is not what this item is about. This item is one of a kind and you will never get the chance to have another one. This is a control panel for a UFO on your arm. This UFO,ship will be directly above you at all times,you have the control panel,you will fly this ship! Getting back to the red rain in India it happens that an Alien who looks just like us but with more sections of their brain being used landed here on Earth in India. This was at the same time of the Red Rain. He made an emergency landing due to an attack that his people dealt with from another species. He could not go back to the home planet and they were in the middle of getting another planet as some aliens are very hostile. This other planet was just like Earth and it seems we have already located it. After Saint Michael's landing ( that is his name,I'm not saying it IS THE Saint Michael but that is just his name,I did not meet him.)After his landing he died from an infection in his leg. When he first landed the people in that town in India could see the UFO until he waved his hands and this it was there but no one could see it. One of the doctors kept it for some time and waved his arms up and then he could see it again. From your arms up you bring them down to land the ship. Once your on the ship all those symbols that look like crop cicles are actually keys that start the ufo and your hands and arms do the sterling. The bottom line is this is one of a kind,you will not get one again,this comes with a UFO that is invisible in the sky. You will be able to climb on it and drive it. MY EXPERIENCE WITH THIS AND JASON'S EXPERIENCE. Jason and I both went aboard the ship,we ate the food they ate,looked at the things they had and we were also able to make each other invisible. We saw these things that looked like small flat fish bowls and inside we could see images of people moving,these were their families and how they communicated to them while traveling. These pieces made it so a full telepathic energy was beamed to both of them. We flew the ship over the white house and no one even knew we were there. We even landed and no one knew we were there. This item will be used this weekend to find out some stuff we want to know. We will give a report on what we find. We did not go into space with the ship because we were not sure about oxygen levels but we did fly it all over. This is so easy a child could do it. I'm sorry I haven't been on the forum much or posting a lot of stuff but there have a been a few things I have been testing and working on like this one. Again this is one of a kind and even if you buy today I need it this weekend. This is made out of solid sterling silver.
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