Indestructible erection <br /><br />

This is the phallus endowment that all men have dreamt about!<br /><br />

The statue came from the Pacific island of New Guinea. Here tribes showcase no shame of the human body and they wear no clothing. Even though they have never asserted the modesty, the rationale of the man with the largest penis is how the leader is determined. <br /><br />

This statue was carved and then blessed for extreme growth potential to showcase the next leader of their tribe, as the current male was critically ill. They wanted to showcase the strength and power to allow each man the chance for growth before casting the ballot for the new leader. We were lucky to get this incredible piece, as it was taken out of the country secretly a few months back. This piece can be used to make you have a more note-worthy unit!!<br /><br />

You take the stick out fo the holder and measure your penis with it, first unerect... and then aroused. Mark off the two points with a piece of colored tape, or a post it note. You then will want to use the wand in the statues hand to touch the base of your penis. Place the stick back in the holder and then touch your genitals with the genitals of the statue. This will unite the beginning of virility that will prosper.<br /><br />

This will increase your length and girth and will promote huge, pulsating erections that stay erect. This will also stimulate earth-shattering multiple orgasms and induces intense sexual arousal, extremely fast. You also will gain invigorating sexual effects that will last for several days. The connection will transform mild lust into wild passionate desire. You will enjoy the fullest and longest erection you have ever had. Even if you drink excessively, you will still expand to your fullest potential. We have never encountered such a "massive" piece of general appeal... the men who tested LOVED it and the women took it home and used it on their partners and boy were they pleased :) <br /><br />

The powerful surge of growth will enhance your love life, health, and confidence, forever.<br /><br />

Testers also found ease of ailment with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Your member will enjoy bulging, pulsating, vibrating, rock-solid erections and you will experience mind-blowing, intense multiple orgasms.<br /><br />

Imagine your whole body vibrating with sexual excitement. Imagine living out your most intimate sexual fantasies. Imagine a new surge of sexual energy, endurance and virility. Marvel at your bigger, bulging, longer and firmer erection. Plunge into the titillating heights of ecstatic sexual bliss. You will be amazed at the intense sexual excitement experienced from a mere touch, and thrilled at the delirious heights of passion achieved when your tingling body entwines with another! <br /><br />

** In short, no pun intended, you will gain a massive blessing by having this outstanding piece that will change your life~ Imagine you, or your partner will benefit from:<br /><br />

* Increased testosterone levels. <br /><br />

* An enlarged penis size and length. <br /><br />

* Improved ejaculatory power.<br /><br />

* Sustained bigger erections. <br /><br />

* Improvement on male impotency. <br /><br />

* Increase sexual endurance.<br /><br />

* Improved mental clarity. <br /><br />

* Release and decrease of daily stress. <br /><br />

* Improved blood circulation. <br /><br />

* Boosted sexual energy levels. <br /><br />

* Heightened sexual confidence. <br /><br />

* Ignited sexual relationships. <br /><br />

Stand tall and be proud, this piece is priceless!<br /><br />

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