As with most of the items that are going on this week this piece is one of a kind. This piece is an antique,well over 100 years old and extremely powerful. This was custom made by what is called a Nasnas which is a half human,half djinn. The human half was Gypsy out of Egypt and the other half was a Green Djinn. Each glass inset holds one different Djinn but that is not all this does. This is again a one of a kind piece,easy to use and never to be found again. The first Djinn is the Nasnas. This Djinn is not as powerful as the others but with good reason he was added to the holder. The Nasnas is great because it is half human and half Djinn. Because of this they can act as a go between between you and any other type of Djinn that you may have. The other Djinn listen because he is one of their kind. This Djinn does have the power to help you in any way but again is just not as strong. They can appear in either form and are great communicators. The second Djinn is the Green Djinn. This Djinn has a love a Humans and it is this Djinn that can often have strong love for them,thus creating a sexual and intellectual relationship. This type of Djinn will need to bond with you first but since they love humans it is not hard for them to do it. It is this Djinn that can create a half human,half djinn pregnancy. The third Djinn is the Si lat. This is the most intelligent Djinn,loves humans and you don't even need to speak to them because they automatically know what you need and want. No offering is needed,no nothing. The fourth Djinn is the Madrid. As most of you know this Djinn is the most powerful but yet the hardest to control. In this case it has been bonded to it's eternal home just like the rest and is loyal. Many times the Nasnas will communicate with the madrid for you. This Djinn being the most powerful can grant anything. The fifth and last Djinn is the Jan. The Jan loves humans as well and can shift into any type body or person. In doing so you may speak with anyone and have a physical relationship with them. They too will grant anything you need. This is the first time I have had a Nasnas or a green Djinn so this was very exciting for me to get them. I would love to meet another half human,half Djinn being. The one I did meet was very interesting and life for them was fantastic! To call these Djinn you would just say the names. No offering is needed ever. These are bonded for eternity and loyal to the vessel. Now this is not all this does. This piece being made by a half human,half Djinn that is Gypsy lived a human life and did human things. She was into the magic of the stars and the star beings,the angelics as she called them. She also astral traveled with ease and could take on the form of anything. She was able to past life regress and also to futurize her her visions causing them to happen. To use this in the above fashion is easy. To see your past lives you would add a candle to the holder and look into the flame. Then there is one thing you need to see in your mind. I personally will tell you when you get it. There is no need to email Jason on this one. The reason being is that I want all the Djinn to bond with it's new owner and not to be tested to death and bond with many people. I'm the only one to test this item. To use it to gain angelic power you again will light a candle of Gold or White and I will also tell you what to do. All if these things are super,super easy! I did forget to mention one thing. If your doing a past life you can also remove curses and undo bad ties to you and others while using this piece. You may also use this to see into the future and then guide it to what you want. Again I will tell you how and that is easy as well. If you need a phone call on this I will work with you. It is easy and one of the best items you will put to great and lots of use. If you have always had a problem with astral travel you won't anymore! Those days are over. In fact I bet I can get you to do it over the phone using this item. So in closing this is one hell of an item. It is one that I don't care if it sells or not,I love it. I love it's history,how it looks and most importantly what it does. This will be one of your best investments ever both in happiness and financially! This item can and will change your life. PAYMENTS WE TAKE-PAYPAL.MO,CREDIT CARD BY PHONE AND ALERT PAY AS WELL AS WESTERN UNION. ALSO IF YOUR ON THE FORUM AND YOU GET EMAILED OR PM'ED BY SOMEONE OFFERING TO SELL YOU SERVICES TO REMOVE YOUR CHAKRA'S OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF SERVICE PLEASE CONTACT ME THROUGH EMAIL AT
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