"I AM" This is probably one of the most incredible pieces I have encountered in my entire time working with the paranormal. I can't really get into detail concerning from whom I obtained the portrait. It's not that important. The important part is that I have the portrait and the portrait holds a very sacred form on an ancient soul. It holds the spirit of the ascended Saint Germain. Saint Germain in one facet of the Great White Brotherhood. This is the name given in metaphysical and occult societies to signify those who are considered the adepts of wisdom. They have complete their Earthly pilgrimages, including the cycles of reincarnation and karma, and have ascended to become masters of space, time, and material existence. They have assumed the responsibility and fully control cosmic destiny, individually and collectively. They hold the very substance of true magic, true enlightenment, and true existence. It is the very substance provides a means of life, not just merely existence. Saint Germain, or the Comte de Saint Germain, as he is formally known, is the most revered and esoteric occultists to have ever existed. He "lived" in 18th Century France, at which point he was already several centuries old. He was a great mystic, held many truths and powers, a renowned alchemist (of both metal and the soul), and was generally a mysterious figure. In the 1930s Saint Germain revealed himself to one Guy Ballard. Ballard, who had an obsession with Mount Shasta after hearing a so-called rumor regarding a group of divine men called the Brotherhood of Mt. Shasta. Ballard who was deeply into alchemy and mysticism, was hiking on Mt Shasta when he turned around and noticed a man walking behind him. Ballard was thirsty so he asked the man for a drink of water. At this the man offered Ballard a different liquid that he identified as the Universal Supply. The liquid immediately transposed Ballard's soul, making him a divine prophet of the Great White Brotherhood. You can research the rest of his story. The point is, Saint Germain depicts power and spiritual energy in its epitome. The soul of Saint Germain lives in this picture. He can be channeled from this picture and we have done it many times. Deedee has talked with St Germain and received his communion of holy knowledge many times. The picture is his ascension from human form into esoteric form. These pieces are made personally for you.They are made using this portrait of St Germain. You send us a request for a type of piece you would like to have and we will make it for you by summoning the ascension powers of St Germain and his Great White Brotherhood. We can use St Germain to make ANY type of piece you want, wealth, love, sex, powers, riches, luckiness, portal traveling, esoteric ascension, on, and on, and on. **THIS PIECE WILL LITERALLY SUMMON THE POWERS OF THE WORLD'S BEST MYSTIC TO CRAFT, PERSONALLY FOR YOU, A PIECE WITH ANY COMBINATION OF POWERS! IN YOUR REQUEST SEND YOUR FULL NAME, BIRTH DATE, GENDER, AND OF COURSE WHAT POWER YOU WANT TO RECEIVE.
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