Hundreds of Years Old! Original REAL Wooden Gnome Shell!!

The portal between the realm of the Fair Folks and the humans is closed most of the time.  There are very few exceptions.  They are kind of trapped there, despite the fact that it was a realm they created for their own.  They did this because the creation of the humans came to pass.  Humans were created without magic and when they noticed the fair folks had magic-- very powerful magic-- they didn't understand why they didn't have it.  The humans wanted it.  They became incredibly jealous and began trying to capture the fair folks for their power and magic.  The fair folks were not violent people, and they didn't feel like being captured  by the barbaric race we humans tend to be.  Thus, they made their own realm and slipped through.  Not all of them were able to make the migration at one point in time, so they had to go into hiding here on Earth.  This was to make sure they weren't captured.  This is what happened to the Fair Folk, named Tallathin.  He is a treasure gnome from Earth, who now resides in the realm of the Fair Folk; but there is an interesting story on how this came to pass.  
For whatever reason Tallathin could not make the migration from this realm to the next at the same time as the others.  He remained on Earth a bit longer than the others.  Since he didn't pass when everyone else did, he had to leave his physical shell behind him.  This happened to several of the Fair Folks.  He is still a Treasure Gnome, he is just a spirit form treasure gnome that exists in the realm of the Fair Folk.  When he left, he left his shell behind and that is what I am offering to you.  This wooden carved gnome is the shell of what Tallathin used to be, before he left for the realm of the Fair Folk in spirit form.  The piece is literally hundreds of years old and despite the fact that he is called a Treasure Gnome, there a few other reasons you want to have this little guy around!  This shell of Tallathin's former self, establishes contact with soul form of Tallathin.  This is how he exists outside of this little shell that you are getting.  
Using the shell, you will burn a stick of incense.  Place this in the hole in the top of the treasure gnome shell.  The incense will reach out across the realms and will attract the presence of Tallathin.  When you summon him, he will bring you the secrets of many forms of wealth spells.  Wealth is his thing, he is a treasure gnome.  This could be a lottery ticket earning, a casino winning, or some other type of wealth. Each time you light a stick of incense, the treasure gnome will come to you and lead you to a different source of wealth, so that way you will be able to build up your wealth to extreme levels.  
Additionally, this piece brings you the ancient art of white light healing that Tallathin studied during his time on Earth.  When you light an incense, this piece will cleanse anything in its immediate vicinity.  You can use this piece to draw all negativity energies out of your home or out of a person.  It will even fight perform an exorcism or any other type of possession.  It will get rid of any bad spirits or poltergeist you may have.  It will cleanse the karma of the building or person.  The house or person will then be filled with refreshing white light powers.  It will bring happiness, inner peace and tranquility, and harmony and balance to the home, or to those who inhale the incense.  Remember, this piece is hundreds of years old, so it has had lots of practice and use prior to this.  Keep in mind that when lit, this piece will constantly be bringing the owner of the piece wealth, in all different forms.  It will give the owner a completely overhauling wealth transformation that will bring you many different forms of extreme wealth.  
Lastly, this piece will allow you cast any white spell.  When you light an incense, you can read the spell out.  If you say it, it will come true, because the presence of this treasure gnome will come through to assure that your magic is effective.  You already get wealth, so an example of this would be a love spell, a beauty spell, an immortality spell, or an astral travel spell.  You can state any spell and it will be guaranteed to work.  This is phenomenal in and of itself, because there are many people who waste time saying a spell and then found out later they did it wrong, so it didn't come true.  This piece is a good way to make sure that all your spells are accurate and are working, as well as the wealth that it brings you, and removal of negativity.  Hundreds of years, but this piece still works just as powerful as if it were born yesterday!      
Hundreds of Years Old!  Original REAL Wooden Gnome Shell!!
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