Holy Fire Djinn Born of God's Breath

If you are a djinn aficionado, then this piece is everything that you've ever wanted. Nowadays, you really have to be careful and use your utmost discretion when getting a piece that is said to contain a "djinn".  The reason being is that in the days of old, any spirit that was lesser than God was considered to be a djinn.  This means a mere passing by angel could be referred to as a djinn, in this logic.  Unfortunately, people try to capitalize on this type of verbiage and what you end up with when you buy the item is a dud.  However, this piece is the real deal. It is 100% completely authentic and it is an extremely rare find, especially given the powers that are stored up in this piece.  You will not find another piece like, I don't care where you search. 

The Solomon Temple, which was also known as the First Temple was constructed somewhere around 832 BC.  It was a Temple that Solomon, king of the United Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, built in accordance to a dream that he received that told him to build the Temple on the Temple Mount.  The Temple Mount is the foundation stone upon which God build the entire world, so it is only natural that this is the place where he wanted his Holy Temple to be built.  The temple was built over the course of years, but was built in such a way to present laud and honor to the glory of God.  Most of the Temple was built in Gold and precious stones, as Solomon had successfully secured financial wealth for the entire Kingdom through the power of God and the magic that He had given to Solomon. When the Temple was finished, it wad dedicated to Yahweh, the God of Abraham and of all nations. 

The Solomon Temple was supposed to be the resting place for the Ark of the Covenant and many other holy relics including the Brazen Sea, which was a huge baptismal font where high priests would go receive their holy blessing and baptism of the Holy Fire, the same way the dove ascended upon Jesus Christ many generations later.  Upon the official dedication of the Temple to Yahweh, he was that the Temple was good and he instructed Solomon that he was in rise up the Temple Guards as a means of protecting the sanctity that was thereby protected in the confines of the Solomon Temple.  The Temple Guards were to be conjured in to cornerstones at each corner of the Temple and they were to be eternal beings of the Holy Fire, ones that were created by God for the sole purpose of protection.  They were an ancient race of djinn that were created by God, who breathed His very life into them, the same way he breathed life into Adam and Eve before he set them in the Garden of Eden.  However, these djinn were not given free will such as humans were.  Their main objective?  To serve and protect the Holy Relics that were inside the Solomon Temple at all costs. 

The Holy Fire Djinn were born to Solomon from the Brazen Sea.  In the same way the the beast will be raised from the sea, so the Djinn were also raised from the sea.  This is why the beast will be raised from the sea, to make a mockery of God and the Brazen Sea.  This monster will be sent to secured the wicked ways of the devil and the djinn were sent to protect the sanctity of God.  There are several parallels when you actually think about it, but the important part is that God created these djinn to protect the sanctity of the Temple.  The were given to Solomon and he put them into the cornerstones of the Temple.  The protection of these Holy Fire Djinn that were born of the breath of God allowed the Temple to stand for what the Bible counts as "Four Hundred and Seventy years, Six months, and Ten days" after it was built.  It then suffered an onslaught by King Nebuchadnezzar II, who God allowed to destroy the Temple to punish Jerusalem for its wicked ways and so that even greater one could be built later on.

This all happened long after the days of Solomon, but the Holy Fire Djinn had remained on duty.  As soon as they caught wind of the attack, the gathered up the Holy Relics of God and flew them to somewhere far away.  To this day, nobody seems to know where these famous relics are, including the Ark of the Covenant, which has proven time and time again to be the most elusive of all mysteries in the world.  Where did this Ark end up?  Only God knows, and apparently these Holy Fire Djinn who carried the Ark away in just enough time before Nebuchadnezzar's army showed up to destroy things.   These djinn have perched themselves wherever they flew the Ark to, as a means to further protect the Ark which is the single most important holy relic of the Abrahamic religions.  The Djinn have been given privilege to set their eyes upon the contents of the Ark, which if you remember, was strictly prohibited by the laws given by God.  Whoever looks upon the Ark of the Covenant shall be burned up immediately, their soul sucked from their body.  This is how holy and powerful the powers in the Ark of the Covenant are. 

We got this ring while we were on an investigation.  It doesn't really matter where it has come from.  We have it and that's all that really matters.  This is because this ring is very powerful.  I know we say that about a lot of the stuff we post on here, and believe me, we wouldn't say it if weren't true.  However, this is one of the most powerful items that I have tested in a very long time.  The ring is totally unique and is a very, very rare find because of the powers that it provides for you.  Looking at the facade of the ring will tell you that there is something special about it.  The face of the ring, which is a size 9, shows the face of the Holy Fire Djinn.   The ring itself has been cast in Sterling Silver.  I'm not sure how old the piece is, but I know that it is a lot older than it looks, it has just held its form for so long because of the powers that are in it.  When you wear this piece, the group of djinn known as the Holy Fire Djinn will be resurrected from their current hiding spot.  They will come to you as your subservient subjects, because piece speaks as the authority of the Voice of God.   They were created by the breath of God, so they have to obey.

When you call upon your djinn, they will allow you to see into the Ark of the Covenant and will allow you to behold all of the Holy Secrets that have been contained within since the day the Ark was created.  This will not cause you any harm, because you will be under the protect of the Holy Fire Djinn, who have been given this exclusive right since conception, when they were born of the Brazen Sea.  You will encounter all the religious secrets that God has to offer, as well as all of His magic and knowledge that has been stored up in the Ark.  The most impressive of these forms of magic is the fact that these djinn have been given the ability to grant unlimited wishes.  I hate to keep saying it, but this is, again, because they born of the breath of God.  It is God who says, "ask and it shall be given unto".  This is why these djinn reserved the right to grant unlimited wish, which to me is just as exciting as viewing the contents of the Ark of the Covenant.  With this ring you will be able to wish for literally ANYTHING, and it will done for you.  Maybe your need money, or maybe you want resurrect someone from the dead.  Maybe you wish you had a certain power or ability, or maybe you want to become a vampire or werewolf.  Maybe you want to increase your luck or find that one true love.  It doesn't matter what you want, this piece makes it possible.  All you have to do is wear your piece, either as a ring or a pendant on a chain, and wish away.  You can do this by visualizing what you want to happen, or you can speak it loud.  Either way the djinn will understand what you need and will grant your wish. 

When you first use this piece, the djinn will show themselves to you in their humanoid form.  They will appear to you with tails of fire and burning, eyes of flames.  Their appearance might be scary, but don't be scared, they are here to serve you, just as they have been serving God for all these years.  I told you before, this piece makes them subservient to whatever you want.  You can also use this for astral travel between our own world and Heaven.  For this, the djinn will transform into their astral travel form, which is a majestic griffin, upon which they will allow you to "ride" them across the realms, into the seven levels of Heaven.  With that beings said, there isn't much this piece can't do for you.  Like I said before it's one of a kind and the powers in this piece are very real... maybe even a bit surreal because you won't believe that you had such a windfall of luck by stumbling across such a powerful piece!  


Holy Fire Djinn Born of God's Breath
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