This is normally 12.99 and is organic. This has some amazing benefits but you really need to look it up because it can't be used for long periods of time. It helps with people that have issues with their immune systems and kills a lot of bad things in the body but again can't be used for long periods. I also opened this one and smelled it just so you know that no one messed with it. I was wondering if it smelled like the flower. THIS ITEM ONLY QUALIFIES FOR FREE SHIPPING WHEN ANY OTHER ITEM IS BOUGHT AT THE SAME TIME. BUY ANOTHER ITEM AND SHIPPING IS FREE. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ORDER WITH US THEN IT IS ALSO FREE SHIPPING. WE WILL SEND A PAYPAL INVOICE FOR SHIPPING IF THIS IS ALL YOU ORDER OR YOU CAN EMAIL FOR THE PRICE. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT THE PICTURE SAYS THIS IS HYDRANGEA JUST IN CASE IT'S A DIFFERENT PICTURE.
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