These are containers of wax that you melt to get out the hidden secret inside. These little secrets represent man and all that he can do. The seal is the holy seal of the holy of holies that the Vatican wanted to keep secret.  They smell like the garden Gethsemane because originally they came from there. They came from a weeping tree that Jesus touched when he knelt to pray. These are very inexpensive but are made just for you to work for you. These will not be shipped right out and can take a week or two to do.
Once you get it how do you use it?
You will melt your wax and just touch your finger to it and then place a fingertip on your forehead. You will do this in the evening and may take it off in the morning. You are then sealed the secret inside is different for everyone in what it holds. You can then keep it or bury the old unmagical you.
Results are instant.
What we need from you.
Where you were born,what your name at birth was and your month, day and year of birth. These are needed for a very important reason. Everyone is recycled and has had more then one life we must find who you were, just one life is all we need prior to this one. Then the wax seal is made.  We can't do this with out it so please email me with those details. I can't get them done until you do. All the wax will have a flowery scent because it has to. This is showing the blooming of new magic and the ability to call upon the angels when needed.
Magic includes full psychic ability and the ability to speak to the angels and a direct line to the COMING Christ.
You may find also a small piece of wood that looks like a splinter inside the wax. There is nothing wrong with finding that.  This is just part of the tree and you may shrine it as a relic if you wish. If you want these for everyone in the family you need to buy them each their own. These are not to be missed and the price reflects the quanity,a good thing!
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