TO VIEW THIS PIECE ON HJTV, FOLLOW THIS LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5wQuZPzvaw This ring is yet another original brought to you by HJTV. All is fair in love and war, unless you were a practicing witch in the 1500s who was tattled on by Sir Francis Drake. This is precisely what happened to Thomas Doughty, an English Nobleman who was among the rank of those who practiced sorcery and witchcraft in secret. His name among the circle of the few, who were very powerful sorcerers was Mortimus. While most noble persons did, they only pointed the finger at those who they wanted to get in serious trouble. By serious trouble I mean they were beheaded or burned. The story normally goes like this. Aside from peasants, who generally weren't liked by nobility and who were bullied constantly, the nobility had their own affairs. They practiced their magic in private and when one of them got a little bit more powerful than the others, they'd accuse them in public. This is why Thomas Doughty was beheaded in 1578. He'd done nothing wrong other than play by the rules of the very same people he was back stabbed by when he was accused of treason, mutiny, and finally witchcraft. Sir Francis Drake must have been a very jealous man, for it was part of his scheme that Mr. Doughty went down. Fast-forward years later and you will find a young lady in Sussex who is particularly interested in witchcraft. She find herself in a love affair with a spirit whom she calls Tom. She loves him so much, in fact, that she holds a conjuring ceremony to pull Tom's spirit from his afterlife into and empty vessel. This vessel, which was originally a doll, transformed into full human figure in a matter of a few weeks. Together the pair created very powerful spells, magical talismans, and other items of power. Well Tom turned out to be the same Thomas Doughty who was beheaded for witchcraft. In his time of death, he traveled to the underworld where he learned a very heavy form of magic that was very dark in nature. It was almost any spell you could imagine coupled with the ability to create entities. When he re-entered the mortal realms, this power took a turn for the better side of the color spectrum. In short, his pieces were now dual rather than dark. This piece is one of the pieces that were made by Thomas Doughty. Remember his sorcerer name is Mortimus and this is how you will summon him. He made this ring and with you will gain incredible powers. On the top of this ring you will notice there is a seal. This is where the power is held. When you want to do a spell-- no matter what it is-- or if you want to create an entity-- no matter what it is-- you will be able to create it. W What you will do is simply write down whatever spell you want to be cast OR whatever entity you wish to be create. Fold the paper, pour hot wax over it and press the seal on this ring into the paper. Whatever you have written down is guaranteed to come true. It is all dual in nature, so it will do dark or white magic. It will create any entity that you request of it. This is because this bidding comes from Mortimus himself.
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