TO VIEW THIS ITEM ON HJTV, CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTvDUNE0ikc This little treasure is a very powerful ring. The stone that has been set into this all sterling silver ring comes from a sacred garden that is kind of like the Garden of Eden. It is actually realm adjacent to our own and has not been created by the hands of God, but by angels that he sent the Earth. These angels are the embodiment of what has been passed down along Roman mythology as the god Cupid. These angels were actually called Erosians, or as they were later referred to, the Cupids of Love. They appear as Cherubim, but for the sole purpose of helping humans fall in love. Why do they do this? Because it is part of God's divine plan for each human to find a partner for life, who will also follow them into the afterlife if they go to Heaven. Anyway, the Garden that was created by the Erosians is called the Garden of Human Emotion and there are angels there that represent every human emotion that is imaginable. There is one for anger that can cast revenge. There is one for depression that can be called upon to help people through tough times. Then, there are the Erosians-- the Cupids of Love as they have become known-- who are in charge of God's divine love. It is from this realm that the stone has come from. The stone once belonged to one of the Erosians and it gave him his powers. It fell from crown while he was visiting the mortal realm to cast love for somebody who had called upon him. I'm sure he has got a new one by now, which means there's no quilt in owning this one. With this stone, you will find that one true love who is destine for you. You can use this piece to cast loves spells, there is no need for a potion. This love spell will make the person of your choice fall madly, deeply in love you. It will give you love that cannot be conquered by any other person, entity, or emotion. What I mean is this-- it will make you find a partner who is loyal, who will work hard to provide for you, who will keep you satisfied in the bedroom, who will worship you for the person you are, who will love you regardless of your flaws, and who do whatever it takes to make you happy. Who doesn't want this kind of love?? You may ask yourself if this power is kosher, because it seems like you are forcing somebody into loving you. This is not the case, because this piece starts at the root of love, to change its course of destiny, making the person you choose destine for you and vice versa!
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