LINK TO HJTV VIDEO-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weX-Yq-tHho In the 1990s a fierce battle raged in the country called Bosnia and Herzegovina and inevitably lead to the breakup of the socialist country, Yugoslavia. The war was fought on an international stage who supported the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who succeeded from the socialist union, but was met with great force in doing so. Not to play Devil's advocate on this subject, but there was something more sinister going on with this war and if I were the other countries in question, I probably would have attacked them as well. What is little known is that the mountain range in Bosnia is a hot spot for supernatural, extraterrestrial activity. The Bosnians funded their own effort into researching these paranormal goings-on, even intercepting a small UFO that landed with their mountainous region. As a result, different types of technology were being developed-- the type that could possibly result in a world takeover. These kinds of things put what the Nazi army was developing to shame. I'm talking about inter-stellar travel, quantum jumping, and this ring, which is an Alien Technology Ring. The ring was developed with support from international governments and when the other countries in the union asked to be let in on their project, the answer was "No Way." At the very least it was politically motivated. Of course the others felt threatened, because they had no idea what was going on. They staged an attack on Bosnia and Herzegovina that was deemed genocidal by international war leaders. Meanwhile, the paranormal research that was going on in Bosnia was stolen, mainly by the United States, as turmoil raged in the region. The ring, as well as all of the other findings, including the spacecraft was brought to Area 51 for further development. Don't bother asking how we came into contact with this ring, because we cannot tell you. It's confidential. The point is that we did come into contact with it and now it is available for sale. The powers in this ring are extraordinary. The ring serves as a key that that will actually start an invisible alien ship that is constantly hovering over the Earth. This ship was sent by Extraterrestrial militants, to survey Earth and see what we have to offer. If you watch the news at all, this ship is what called what the government claims was a supersonic boom on the East Coast of America. We don't know what they are doing up there, but the fact of the matter is that they are there and they are doing something. We don't know if they are hospitable or if the want complete world domination. This is yet to be determined. What is known is that other than the ability to fully control the hovering spacecraft above Earth, which is totally cloaked by the way, this ring has the ability to beam people and yourself into and out of the ship. This is a fully telepathic ability because the ring was developed using ESP gamma rays that were emitted from the minds of the aliens that inhabit the ship and the way their brains work. They don't speak, the communicate only through telepathic means. When in the ship there is a whole bunch of technology that you will encounter. You will gain the ability to quantum jump if that's what you want to do. This is more or less a fancy way of saying that you can astral travel through stargates. These stargates are not made of any being. Rather they are pre-existential. By this I mean, they are lapses of time-space continuum that pretty much transport you from where you are to where you wish to go in seconds. Think Harry Potter broom closet, but a whole lot cooler, because it is real and it allows you travel to anywhere in the universe!! You will gain the ability to create alien matter, which can be used for just about any power that you could possibly think of. This is because alien matter also holds telepathic properties that can bring any thought form into physical reality. For example-- say you really want to be able to levitate. All you have to do is think it and the alien matter will create the reality. This piece gives you full telepathic ability to not only be able to read others minds, but to also control them, to make the do your will and bidding. Furthermore, it gives you the ability of alien healing. We've offered alien healing items several times before, but this piece takes the cake, because it will literally rid you (or others) of any physical or spiritual malady that you are suffering from, as if you were never affected by it in the first place. I just wanted to say that during the testing of this piece, when we encountered the aliens, they were friendly to us. The reason I say that I don't know if they are hospitable or want to take over the world is because they were able to telepathically read us. They knew we weren't stupid and they knew we meant no harm. Now, I cannot speak for the rest of humanity or on whether or not these intelligent beings wish to purge stupidity; but with this piece you are accepted as one of their own.
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