This is one of the best little books of ancient secrets yet to be found,sought after.
This little prayer Bible has a great legend to it that circulates the area of NJ. It was said that a Catholic priest and a Methodist minister fought in jest over who knew the real hidden meaning of the craft of Christ.
The Craft of Christ was a secret code inside the Catholic Prayer book. The Catholic argued that the Methodist could not know because of his religion but he said 'Oh but I do!" His mother was a Catholic.
Inside this little book are three magic castings of the spoken word. The Christ craft in spoken word is the strongest magig you will EVER find because it is simply spoken by someone that can think and just have it done. There is no bonding or friending or having to do an offering. What is,is,and that is that. You speak it,it happens.
Inside this Craft of Christ is one wealth verse,one is of the Saints to give to you anything you ask for ,ANYTHING! The other verse of craft is a full protection of evil. This includes the removal of curses,demons and even possessions.
These are coded inside the book in a blue ink. When you get the book I will email or call you and tell you how to access it. This is EASY!!! I do mean extremely easy!!! There is nothing else to buy like incense or meditation needed. You only need to say the words that were encoded. That is it,then the Christ crafts happens.
While this book is little and obviously not new it holds a power like no other. Get it today while you can still get it on sale.
Good Luck in being the first lucky enough to buy this. I also have one like this and I use it all the time and I used it this morning in fact because I had an issue going on. In less then two hours it was fixed and had resolved itself.
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