A lot of times people get so wrapped up in magic that they forget about the little things.  If you can remember back to when you were a child, you were probably taught that it's the little things that count.  Everything that happens adds up into the bigs things and the bigs things are what shapes a feeling or a perception.  This is why Egyptian magic is so powerful.  There are a system of powerful Gods.  Together, all the powers and energies that they offer make up a realm of magic that is very powerful.  Without these individual deities, however, there would be no system.  Thus, I've created a system of homage to the individual Gods that make up all of this great Egyptian powers.  There will be a series of pieces.  Each one is dedicated to a specific god or goddess of the Egyptian Pantheon.

Why are these pieces so powerful, you ask?  Well first, they are Egyptian magic originals.  You don't build a house all at once, rather you start with a foundation which is what these pieces are designed to do for you.  Learn one form of magic, the rest will begin to pour in.  Trust me, it's happened to me before.  Not to mention, these pieces have been specifically designed and crafted using the white light powers of Raviniska, the original white light being who was born from the paw of the Sphinx.  Who better to help design these pieces than someone whose lived these powers and knows how to maximize the opportunity.  These pieces are simple but back an extraordinary amount of magic and power packed into them.

The powers that are packed into these pieces have been conjured into the by pieces by Ravniska during a power acquisition conjuring.  Each piece has a separate God and holds a separate ability.  They are all listed as their own separate piece, so make sure you take a look at all of them!!

Magic is everywhere.  I mean, that's what we call it.  Really, magic can be described as a deeper understanding of those energetic elements that exist all around us on a day to day basis.  Everything that we encounter contains some type of energy.  Take the plant sage, for example.  When burned, the smoke from a burning sage plant has the energetic properties to ward off evil.  There are energies that are more common than others and that are more readily available.  Then, there are energies that are less common such as those given off by the sorcerer's stone or the majestic Phoenix, who is rare to find in nature.  There are all types and forms of magic that exist and to practice this magic, the only thing you really need to do is undergo a transformation that will allow you to understand how to perform the types of magic that you want to perform.  Certain entities will cling to certain types of magic, this is true.  Let us not be confuse, however, because even a vampire could cross the threshold to become a werewolf.  Even a witch could cross the threshold to gain the miraculous powers of Christ.  It just depends on how much you are willing to dedicate yourself to the life of magic and how much you are willing to allow you mind to be fully open to the realm of possibilities. 

This piece calls upon the ancient goddess Isis. She is the mother goddess of Egypt, the mother of Horus, and the patroness of magic.  Her names means throne and when the powers of this piece bring her to you, she will appear wearing her customary throne headdress on upon her head.  She is the most important representation of the Pharaoh's power because she is literally the manifestation of universal magic.  She is like the holy grail of magic on Earth and there is not a form of magic with which she is not accustomed.  She was born of magic, she is magic, and she will always be magic.  Call it alchemy, incantation, spell binding, wizardry, sorcery, illusionism, witchcraft, supernatural arts; call it whatever you want, it's still magic to Isis and she she still knows it like the back of her hand. m

This piece conjures the Mother Goddess of Egypt and the Patroness of Magic.  By using this piece are calling her to you and she will actually come to you in spiritual manifestation.  It will be like a spirit has appeared in front of you, but you will be able to feel her and feel the energy that she gives off.  You can use this piece as many times as you'd like and when you do, she will give you the secrets and knowledge of any type of magic that you wish to practice.  This is how important she is.  This is how powerful this piece is.  You will instantly gain the knowledge of any type of magic that you conjure her to share with you, bar no holds, no questions asked-- This is just full-fledged, balls to the wall magic in its purest form.  Enjoy. 



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